The Giants win a game, the Giants win a game.

Ending a six game losing game by coming back from 4-0 and being no-hit into the 5th, the Giants went ahead 7-4 in the 9th and hung on to win 7-5. Ending the game with the bases loaded and one of the Diamondbacks best hitters up.

How many SF Giants fans just called to leave messages at their doctors’ offices after tonight? “That cardiac stress test I had scheduled for tomorrow. Cancel it, already had one.”

Cleveland Browns have traded Baker Mayfield, leaving themselves only Jacoby Brissett as a QB backup if Deshaun Watson is suspended for a year or more.

Are the Browns insane? Or just aware that the NFL’s policy has become “If you’re a star they let you do it?”

As some red states consider criminalizing out-of-state travel to obtain an abortion, perhaps some blue states should considering criminalizing out-of-state travel to obtain a gun?

So an Uvalde police officer thought he needed permission to fire upon a clearly armed man heading into a school? Did any of the police officers in Akron ask permission to fire upon a fleeing Jayland Walker?

Amazon made deal w/ possible stake in GrubHub including free GrubHub+ trial for US Amazon Prime members. Sounds good, right? But presume objective is to put Doordash & Uber Eats out of business. Then higher fees all round. Consolidation is NOT good for restaurants nor consumers.

(Ask anyone who lives in a city where one airline maintains a fortress hub.)

So since apparently such blankets are now needed for active shooter drills, what if an LGBTQ group offers to donate rainbow bulletproof blankets to schools?

For all those complaining 50-50 Senate can’t do everything Democrats want: Bill Nelson was good & decent Senator from Florida. He lost to Rick Scott by fewer than 11,000 votes in 2018 If Nelson were still in Senate then either Sinema or Manchin would matter less. #GetMadAndVote

Pro-gun Republicans don’t think Highland Park parents should be charged along with their son who murdered 7 people. Meanwhile, many GOP do want to charge parents who help or even don’t stop their daughter if she wants an abortion. Once again, four words. “Pro Life My A**.”

President Biden today just gave a speech about how the American Rescue Plan will help save retirement pensions for millions of union workers in the US. Is CNN talking about it? Nope, they have a story about “Democratic miscontent.” Crises are clickbait.

Lindsey Graham is afraid that Fulton County DA might share information from his potential interview with the January 6 committee. If he answers the DA’s questions honestly and is innocent, what is Senator Graham so afraid of?

So what do Democrats have to do to get media coverage for the positive things they are doing and trying to do? Start speeches by calling Republicans “stupid” and “losers?”

Had travel client email me she’s tested positive for COVID w/ mild symptoms & decided not to fly home tomorrow. Her company is paying for ticket & for her to isolate in hotel so she can afford to stay put. But have to wonder, how many people would just fly? Be careful out there.

Price for barrel of crude oil dipped below $100 for 1st time since May. After being as high as $130 in March. Gas prices are INCHING down. Of course, why should gas companies seriously lower prices when they can keep up record profits & trust Fox News etc to blame it on Biden?

Katherine Goldstein, Irina McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy, Jacquelyn Sundheim, Stephen Straus, Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza…. These are the names we should be publicizing and sharing on Twitter. Not the evil man who killed them. Let him rot in prison with his name forgotten.

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