Jacob deGrom faced six batters in his first minor league rehab start for Class A St. Lucie. He struck out five and hit one.

The Christians had a better chance against the Lions.

Kevin Durant is turning into the Taylor Swift of baseball. But at least her breakups result in good songs.


USC’s press release on joining Big Ten. And USC Pres. Folt typed this w/ straight face?

“Top priority was to build student-centric athletics program deeply committed to ensuring all student-athletes can compete at highest level athletically & achieve at highest level academically.”

UK doesn’t do fireworks on 4th of July. They do fireworks on Guy Fawkes day, commemorating when group of radicals plotted to take over the country by trying to blow up Parliament & assassinate the king. Just sort of people Velveeta Voldemort would have claimed were patriots.

Great to see so many companies saying they will help employees with abortion costs, including travel. But sadly also realize, in states banning abortion, women who don’t have good full-time jobs with benefits will also be the ones who will most need financial & other help.

3 police officers & a K-9 dog were murdered June 30 responding to domestic violence call in Kentucky, & 4 other officers were shot & injured.

But story almost immediately disappeared from Fox News website. Sure fact suspect has DV history AND is a white man has nothing to do with it. #sarcasm

Not talked about enough, when SCOTUS talks about returning powers to state legislatures, they are referring to GERRYMANDERED red state legislatures that in many cases were elected by a minority of state voters.

He tried to overthrow an election, he wanted armed supporters to march to the US Capitol, he was fine with having his VP killed. I believe Cassidy Hutchinson but does it really matter if Velveeta Voldemort also lunged at a secret service officer?

Today’s GOP – no problem for a 17 year old to cross a state line, get hold of an AR-15 and shoot a gun that kills two people. Heck, such a boy could become a hero. But if a teenager or indeed any woman crosses state lines for an abortion, “lock her up.”

So what will a desperate pregnant woman have to do to avoid punishment in some red states if she wants to terminate her pregnancy? Shoot herself in the stomach?

Florida 2018 Gubernatorial Election results: Not going to claim as Democrat our party or candidates are perfect. But 32,500 vote margin & 100,000 votes for “other?” Every vote matters.

49.6% -Ron DeSantis – GOP – 4,076,186 49.2%

Andrew Gillum- Dem – 4,043,723 1.2%

Other- 100,585

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