When will we ever learn?

Admit most of the time I don’t follow the PGA tour, never plan to follow the LIV tour. But got to admit, it takes a lot to give the PGA Tour the moral high ground.

Of major US pro sports, baseball generally has most conservative players/coaches. But apparently Chicago White Sox talked to Major League Baseball today about canceling their game & in the end canceled their postgame fireworks show. #babysteps

So now when someone says they’re Velveeta Voldemort supporter & commits horrific crime, instead of just ignoring the crime, some MAGA & right-wing media are going to pretend he was really a liberal impersonating a Tr*mp supporter? Would be good satire if it weren’t so sick.

Washington Post headline “Tr*mp cracks down on deceptive fundraising by others using his name.” Hey, Washington Post, how about a more accurate headline? “Velveeta Voldemort himself daily sends dozens of deceptive fundraising emails.”

Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed for the Atlantic bemoaning lack of leadership in the US. Yo, Mitt, speaking of leadership, how about breaking with NRA-owned GOP and calling for a US assault weapon ban?

Keep thinking on Mitt Romney’s op-ed wishing for “leadership.” I’m realistic, politics is $$ game. Most politicians need donations to get re-elected & not all are rich. But Mitt has both name recognition AND f*ck you money. He doesn’t need to pander. Which makes it even sadder.

Even before COVID, travel agents who book international travel have been aware of US State Dept advisories for other countries ranging from “exercise caution” to “dangerous, do not travel.” Wonder how many other governments with all these mass shootings are now issuing “do not travel” advisories to the US?

So if GOP won’t budge further on gun control, would they agree to a bill saying it’s time for US to have the DEFAULT be flags at half staff?. Would save time.

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