Worse and worser.

Give the LIV Saudi golf tour credit. Some might have said it couldn’t be done. To give the PGA tour the moral high road.

And the first LIV event in the US is this weekend in Oregon. (There are plenty of protests and no I am not watching.) But is anyone shocked where the second US event in late July will be? Tr*mp Bedminster.

So on brand.

Don’t have to want Liz Cheney to be President or even Speaker of House to support her now. Sports fan analogy – imagine baseball game where team you hate most is playing a team run by Satan. You suck it up and cheer – temporarily – for good vs evil. Plenty of time to boo later.

Just saying, for some of us sports fans it’s easier to temporarily support Liz Cheney than it might be for example to root for Tom Brady.

Watching SF Giants lose a 1-0 game vs the Chicago White Sox at Oracle Park makes me miss two things. 1. Letting pitchers hit.

2. Madison Bumgarner

Random fun thought on a holiday weekend. Because we need fun. How great is it going to be to see SENATOR John Fetterman regularly having to wear a suit on the Senate floor? Pennsylvania, you just have to vote.

Florida Governor now attacking state universities “Give me somebody who served 8 yrs in Navy or Marine Corps. It will be much more beneficial & pertinent than someone $100,000 in debt to get degree in zombie studies.”

ICYMI Ron went to YALE. He studied history.

Seeing complaints from some fellow Democrats that President Biden is giving John McCain a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom. I didn’t vote for McCain, I wouldn’t vote for McCain. But he was an honorable man who loved our country. And he saved Obamacare. Good enough for me.

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