Diversions and beyond.

After the SF Giants blew an 8-2 lead, went behind 11-8 to the Mets, tied the game in the 9th, then won it 13-12 in the 10th, many thought they’d seen the craziest baseball game of the year

UCLA-Oregon state in game 1 of what turned out to be a double header in Pac 12 tournament – “Hold our less overpriced than MLB beer.”

9 run comeback for Bruins in 9th, won it 25-22 in 10th

(For those who just saw the score. No, this was not a spring football game.)

And then, such a trivial thing… but took a bit of silly pleasure in the fact tonight that I, unlike Pac 12 announcers in tonight’s 2nd UCLA-Oregon State game, actually knew the infield fly rule.

(It was a missed pop-up with 2nd and 3rd and one out….. the infield fly only applies when there are both fewer than two outs AND a force out at third.)

Then a slightly more normal walkoff by OSU to follow.

You know it wasn’t SF Giants day when they lost a game 3-2 to Cincinnati Reds, going 3 for 15 with runners in scoring position. And two of those hits, including the one that ended the game, didn’t score the runner from second…

And back to sadly real life..

Imagine if the Capitol Police had waited outside the Capitol on January 6 because they were afraid of the mob.

Apparently two American tourists were seen swimming naked this week in a canal in Venice near their Airbnb. Locals drain sewage into the canal. Thinking Karma and her pal Infectious Diseases may take care of punishment on this one.

In 2012, then UN Ambassador Susan Rice given talking points on Benghazi that turned out to be incorrect. GOP response -pounce on her words & still attack her for it. Greg Abbott called press conference w/ completely false narrative on Uvalde shootings, GOP response — crickets.

Seriously? Velveeta Voldemort just called Liz Cheney a “lapdog for Pelosi”!” Guessing the man who once boasted he’d run into a school unarmed to face a shooter wouldn’t dare say that on a hunting trip in front of Liz’s dad.

Some use cars in “whataboutism” with guns, since driving can be dangerous to yourself and others. Okay then, this from Hertz: “Renters must be at least 20 years old to rent a vehicle at most locations in the U.S. and Canada.”

As many who bring wine gifts visiting friends & family know, one failed 2006 British terrorist plot meant federal rule change not even to allow sealed bottles through checkpoints in carry-on luggage. One FAILED plot! How many actual mass murders does it take to change gun laws?

Fox News is upset Ted Cruz was confronted in Houston restaurant over Uvalde mass shooting. “It marks latest instance by left-wing activists confronting or haranguing lawmakers on both sides of aisle who do not agree with them.” Has Fox News EVER used term “right-wing activist?”

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