Giant attitude

SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler in an essay today about why he will not come out at this time for the National Anthem – “I learned from my dad, that when you’re dissatisfied with your country, you let it be known through protest. The home of the brave should encourage this.”

He added “Every time I place my hand over my heart, I’m participating in the self-congratulatory glorification of the ONLY country where these mass shootings take place.”

If you didn’t already love SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler after his Uvalde comments, he was asked postgame over lineup card mistake & if it was on the bench coach, who makes out the lineup cards.: “No, we do this together, our entire staff is incredibly detailed, a lot going on today, we just f*cked it up.”

As a Spurs fan I wish San Antonio were still in this year’s NBA playoffs. And after this week I especially wish it because after Uvalde mass shooting more than one reporter would have put a microphone in front of Gregg Popovich.

Yes, there are far more important things going on right now – but a phrase I am tired of hearing is “scouting report on” an umpire’s strike zone.. In MLB, there is one strike zone, and no one pays their way in to see an umpire interpret it.

Ted Cruz today at the NRA convention spoke out again against gun control, and blamed mass shootings on violent video games.

Uh, one of the countries that plays the most violent video games is Japan.

Homicide rate per 100,000 people in Japan – 0.2

Homicide rate per 100,000 people in the US – 5.3.

Cancun Cruz can do to himself what the Ukranians told the Russian warship.

WTAF? Texas Governor Greg Abbott says “we are going through short-term challenges right now.” “Short-term?” Is he talking about people’s memories?

Harry S. Truman – “The buck stops here.” Greg Abbott – “I was misled.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott got something right, in his “I was misled” speech.

Greg said “Let me make one thing clear. The status quo is unacceptable.” Yep, the status quo is unacceptable.

Time to change Texas Governors. Time to vote for Beto O’Rourke.

The 18 year old Uvalde killer bought 375 rounds of 5.56-caliber ammunition on May 18. Well, it’s not like he did anything that would have raised red flags in Texas, like trying to buy two boxes of Sudafed.

Stephen Colbert plays tape of Herschel Walker that should make Georgia voters not only vote to re-elect Rev. Warnock, but also demand NFL start getting serious about CTE. – “Need a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women that’s looking at their social media.”

Some of bodies in Uvalde had to be identified by DNA. Understand why publishing pictures of what killer’s AR-15 did to those children is problematic. But see no reason why Senators shouldn’t have to see pictures of those kids’ bodies before voting on gun control legislation.

One of the children who survived Uvalde says he used to want to be a police officer, but now he wants to be a surgeon so he can help people…

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2 Comments on “Giant attitude”

  1. Marge Rudman Says:

    Can’t help myself. Because I got hooked on the Brooklyn Dodgers via Vin Scully, I’m a died in the wool Dodgers fan BUT. The Giants are a wonderful organization and their manager is first rate. I still miss Buster Posey, by the way.

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