More not sticking to sports.

First time for everything. I have retweeted the New York Yankees But well played, Yankees, well played

If you’re more upset about the New York Yankees using the world LATINX in a tweet about gun violence than you are about people dying from gun violence… then you have your priorities more than slightly out of whack.

To rent a car in Texas, you must be at least 21 years old. But you can buy an AR-15 at 18.

Everyone telling US Senators to “do something” in about sensible gun legislation. With current makeup of Senate, unless some GOP senators are willing to buck NRA, they can’t “do something.” But they can do something if WE vote in Nov.. And elect more Democrats. #GetMadAndVote

Some GOP & conservative media now blame lack of armed “school resource officer” in Uvalde. Reminder, since mass shootings don’t even last a week now in news cycle, there WAS armed guard, retired policeman, at Buffalo supermarket. Killer, wearing body armor, shot him dead first..

CNN reports Mitch McConnell has directed John Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a “bipartisan solution” on gun violence. 1. Does this mean GOP finally realizes people are mad enough to vote them out. 2. At least Mitch knew better than to ask Texas’s OTHER Senator to engage.

“American Pie” Don McLean “In light of recent events in Texas, have decided it would be disrespectful & hurtful for me to perform for NRA at their convention in Houston. I’m sure all folks planning to attend are shocked & sickened by these events as well.” Uh, don’t be so sure.

That moment though when when you can’t decide whether to be disappointed someone you admire like Don McLean was performing for the NRA…. Or pleased that someone you clearly disagree with has had enough. It’s time for common ground on sensible gun legislation. Past time.

Reminder that Republicans think it’s too dangerous for an 18 year old high school student to read “Forever,” Judy Blume’s sweet novel about a consensual sexual relationship. But not too dangerous for an 18 year old to buy an AR-15.

For months United Airlines phone hold message has been. “We are experiencing extremely high call volumes…” Tonight they added “If you booked your travel through a travel agency, please reach out to them for assistance. So now now even AIRLINES want more travel agents.

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