Taking a stand.

Interestingly enough, baseball’s the major sport that probably has most Republicans. Sure not everyone on SF Giants agrees with Manager Gabe Kapler. But team respects him & no one has criticized him publicly. Gabe is a leader & he has courage. More than we can say for some so-called leaders.

As SF Giants play in Philadelpha, Shaun Estes just said on TV Citizens Bank Park was one of only two parks where Evan Longoria hadn’t yet hit a home run. Make that one.

Giants defeated Phillies 5-4 in 10 innings today. Before the game Philadelphia Manager Joe Girardi was asked, since Philadelphia had lost 10 of 14 games, if he was concerned about his job security. He said no.

Translation, Girardi had a good playing career and has had some postseason managerial success including winning a World Series as Yankees manager in 2009. He has enough money, and knowledge he’ll get other offers, not to care.

Would some Republican seriously like to explain to me how it could be too upsetting for schoolchildren to read about gay people but not too upsetting to go through regular anti-shooter drills? I’ll wait.

2nd Amendment supporter Adam Kinzinger says GOP needs to be offering solutions. “We have to be coming to table w/ ways to mitigate 18-year-olds buying these guns & walking into schools – my side’s not doing that.” Isn’t there 1 GOP rep not retiring brave enough to agree with him?

I didn’t give a rat’s behind on what Joe Rogan said about COVID. I care even less what he says about gun control.

Since some Republicans want to blame mass shootings on things like unlocked doors, does that mean they think supermarkets need their doors looked too? The Buffalo massacre was only 2 weeks ago

Open questions to GOP/NRA who want teachers to be armed. Where should teachers keep those guns? (Locked away safely, would there be time to get gun if shooter burst in.) And if guns kept easily accessible, how do you keep kids from getting them? Asking for a sad, tired country

Since Nancy Pelosi is on the East Coast this weekend it’s clear she had nothing to do with her husband Paul’s DUI arrest last night. But he’s very rich and 82 years old – why is he driving himself at this point anyway?

Conservative media seems to think Nancy Pelosi’s husband being arrested in Napa for DUI, (while she’s on the other side of the country,) is a bigger story than a Napa man pleading guilty to try to blow up California Democratic party headquarters…

Many GOP members of Congress who now seem to think it’s no big deal to have mandatory airport level security for kids to go to school were the same ones who lost it over simple mandatory masks for them to go to work.

Oh (insert unprintable phrase here.) When Jim Acosta criticized Judge Phillip Journey today, the NRA board member responded “I’m not the one that pulled the trigger.” Yeah, Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone at Sharon Tate’s house either.

Absolutely we should honor fallen troops. But isn’t “Happy” Memorial Day kind of an oxymoron?

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