Not so close

The Golden State Warriors will make millions if there’s a game six at Chase against the Minnesota Grizzlies. Not that I believe teams tank in the playoffs – but actually if they did intend to lose on purpose, it probably wouldn’t have been THAT embarrassing. (39 points)

Seven of 15 teams in the NL are above .500

Five of them are in the NL West.

Just saying.

Last week the SF Giants couldn’t score 7 runs in a week. This week they’re averaging over 7 runs a day. Baseball is a funny game.

Tonight in Washington DC, new owners of former Trump hotel began taking down signs with the Trump name on the property Shame it wasn’t that easy to take his name off the Republican Party

Maggie Hassan – moderate Democrat.

Mark Kelly – moderate Democrat.

Jon Tester – moderate Democrat.

Jacky Rosen – moderate Democrat.

Media calls Joe Manchin moderate. Democrat. He’s CONSERVATIVE Democrat. But real moderates don’t provide regular that media’s real excuse?

And Manchin claimed he would have supported a bill that JUST codified Roe V. Wade.

So why didn’t he write one?

Manchin, however, is not running for re-election in 2022.

But there are a number of Senate Republicans who are.

And a number of open seats.

Win some of those races and Manchin matters a lot less. #getmadANDvote

Sadly Susan Collins voted no on Protecting a Woman’s Right to Abortion. Perhaps if the bill had included something important like protecting sidewalks near Senators’ homes from chalked messages..?

While I would never out anyone on a personal health care decision if a woman who is related to any one of these GOP Senators who support SCOTUS taking reproductive rights away has had an abortion, now would be a good time for her to come forward.

You know you’re out of touch with contemporary music when you see Sunny Day Real Estate trending and think it must be something like a Four Seasons Landscaping thing involving Rudy Giuliani.

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