No nos

Astros’ Justin Verlander missed his a fourth no-hitter by five outs but still faced the minimum through eight innings today against the Twins.

And Justin wasn’t even the top pitcher story of the day since rookie Angels pitcher Reid Deimers, 22 years old, who’d made 5 starts this year with a 5.32 ERA, just threw a no hitter against the Rays.

Baseball is the best game.

Tom Brady says he will join FOX Sports as an analyst when he retires. Well, better than him running for the Senate as another unqualifed celebrity Republican.

Velveeta Voldemort-backed Charles Herbster, accused of groping eight women, is now third in the GOP Nebraska gubernatorial primary. So who is VV gonna blame?

Chris Murphy talking about how same GOP who claim to revere life have no problem with threats once a baby is born… including over 100 dead every day in America from gunshots.

Wrap your head around this: For many in today’s GOP a woman who aborts a fetus for any reason is a murderer. While Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.

Moscow Mitch “It is an attempt to replace the rule of law with the rule of mobs. It is unacceptable (not to) clearly denounce it.” So McConnell has finally come around again about January 6? Nope, he’s upset about protesters outside the homes of SCOTUS judges.

Get as annoyed as anyone at Sinema & Manchin sometimes, but credit where credit is due. Both voting for Lisa Cook on Federal Reserve Board. They’re difficult Democrats at times, but they’re NOT Republicans. Need to elect Blue Senators so their “idiosyncracies” matter less.

Just got fundraising call from nice sounding guy w/ Republican Senatorial Committee. Let him ramble & responded as sweet as could be “Sir, I support your right to free speech but going to do everything I can do to help you lose in 2022. Vote blue. Have a nice day.”

Seemed nicer than “F*ck U.”

Really miss Stephen Colbert this week, and hoping he tests negative for a recurrence of COVID. OTOH, Stephen was going to have Mark Esper on this week. Maybe a sign from the heavens about hiding treasonous secrets for book tour?

Can someone ask these GOP Senators who wax lyrical about unborn babies why they want to cut the babies & their mothers off from healthcare & financial support as soon as they are born? Heck if GOP had their way some mothers wouldn’t even be able to pay for cost of giving birth.

Velveeta Voldemort said he wouldn’t return to Twitter if his ban was lifted. And I’m sure he was as honest about that as he has been about everything else.

While Rick Scott is making headines over anti-abortion comments and his desire to raise taxes on lower-income Americans, look at these numbers: 4,099,505 to 4,089,472. Yes, a difference of about 10.000 out of over 8,000,000 That’s now much Scott beat Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson by in 2018. #GetMadANDVote

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