Comebacks and way backs.

7-1 Phillies lead in 6th over Dodgers ends up 9-7 Philadelphia win.

But only after LA ties it 7-7 in 8th, gives up 2 in top 9th, but doesn’t score after loading bases with no outs in bottom 9th.

SF Giants manager Kapler looking better & better with the “never stop trying to score” offense.

Much discussion late in NBA season if the Phoenix Suns could be the equal of the Golden State Warriors. Last night the Warriors lost by 39.

Tonight the Suns lost by 27.

Don’t think this is what Phoenix had in mind.

Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike’s owner Rick Dawson says they planned to enter Preakness, but with last minute Derby they will give him more recovery time to rest & run in Belmont. Owner who cares more about his horse than money? This might be as shocking as Rich Strike’s win.

Today GOP – students in public schools should not be exposed to books that include teenagers dealing with sex and its potential consquences.

Also today’s GOP, if a student in public school gets pregnant she has 9 months at least and possibly a lifetime to learn all about sex and its potential consequences.

Elon on Twitter is going after President Biden by saying Joe wasn’t elected to transform the country but because Americans “wanted less drama.” And who is more of an expert on “less drama’ than the Muskrat?

While I can understand SCOTUS justices’ desire not to have protesters outside their homes, in part because justices are not politicians, while we’re at it can we also stop justices being able to make speeches at partisian political events?

Rand Paul wants to get rid of ALL COVID rules including vaccines, boosters and masks in all cases, for Senate pages.

Roy Blunt & Amy Klobuchar, top Senators on Rules Committee, both politely tell him he is nuts. Who says there’s no bipartisanism in DC?

If the Senate set up two dunking booths with Ted Cruz in one and Rand Paul in the other, how much bipartisan handwringing would there be as to who to try to dunk first?


CNN just did whole segment on baby formula shortage w/out saying big part of problem is Abbott Nutrition has monopoly on 1/2 US formula market, & 3 other companies make the rest. It’s not just “cat food & caskets” as Amy Klobuchar says, monopolies can matter hugely to our lives.

Some Republicans are blaming Biden’s FDA for not acting quickly enough to solve infant formula problem While many Senate Republicans delayed Biden’s nominee for head of FDA, Robert Califf, who held that position under Obama, for several months until Feb 2022. Time is relative.

As travel agent been reissuing some tickets from 2020. Airline “fuel surcharge” on business class ticket to Europe was $1200. Now $1600.

Gas prices haven’t gone up THAT much. GOP blames Biden for high prices, so they’d be okay w/ him issuing some executive orders against corporate price gouging?

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