A year later.

President Biden on the anniversary of January 6: “You can’t love your country only when you win.” As a sports fan, realizing that for many of us our love of sports teams cuts across bipartisan lines, maybe this is an especially good sentiment to share with our friends across the aisle.

NY Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur apologized for – “It’s 100 percent on me,”  for a late 4th and 2 call where Jets could have run out the clock and beaten the Buccaneers last week.

Well, except NY will get better draft picks and Tampa Bay will probably get a better playoff seed. And maybe Bucs will vote LaFleur a playoff share?

New Orleans Pelicans beat Golden State Warriors tonight 101-96 in New Orleans. Thereby probably thrilling the dozen or so who New Orleans fans who had paid inflated prices for the game to see Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, neither of who played.

If a police officer so much as stubbed a toe during BLM protests FOX News and conservative media was all over it. And today, crickets over Brian Sicknick’s death and the deaths of four other Capitol Police Officers by suicide after January 6.

A headline I didn’t have on my 2022 Batsh*t Bingo List: “Dick Cheney returns to the House and receives a warm welcome — from Democrats.”

Lindsey Graham trying to claim Democrats want “radical election reform.” As Republicans across the country have introduced hundreds of bills radically to limit voting rights and pre-emptively overturn elections. Would be funny if it weren’t our democracy we’re talking about.

Cory Booker on Rachel Maddow. “Average wait to vote in Georgia in predominately black communities, 51 minutes, average for white people 6 minutes.” But GOP really wants to pretend it’s not that ‘Some people don’t want some people to vote.”

As travel agent it’s worth sharing screenshot of Trump Hotel DC rates for Jan 6, 2022.


TRUMP HOTEL WASHING 06JAN-07JAN 01NT 1 NT 4494.50 USD (yes, about $5,000 a night with tax. No joke)

Wonder what changed?

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