G’day and g’bye, mate.

Top-ranked men’s tennis star Novak Djokovic, who has been in a guarded room overnight at Melbourne airport, is being deported from Australia over not being vaccinated. Apparently the Australian Government has a lot more cojones than the NFL..

(Novak Djokovic, who is unvaccinated, had “medical exemption” to compete in 2022. But Novak just had visa revoked by Australian Govt. So after banning most intl travel for 2 years, govt suddenly realized seeing world’s top player may not be Australians’ top priority right now?)

The Washington Football Team will unveil their new name and uniforms on February 2. Unfortunately for WFT fans, the name of their owner will be the same, and the new uniforms will have the same old players in them.-

Stephen Colbert on the Late Show tonight points out how Peter Navarro referred to Former Guy’s attempted coup as “The Green Bay Sweep.” As opposed to the “The Green Bay Sneak,” which happens when you ask Aaron Rodgers if he’s vaccinated.

Fox News is as likely to talk about Velveeta Voldemort’s involvement on January 6 today as Tonya Harding is to talk about winning her 1994 US Figure Skating Title.

(In case that’s too inside baseball, the Former Guy and his cult members tried to do to democracy what Tonya’s supporters tried to do to Nancy Kerrigan.)

So what will Fox News headlines be on January 6 and how will they involve Hunter Biden?

As Omicron cases explode, on Senate floor today, Democrats wearing N95 type masks, while at least most Republicans not masking at all. So hypothetically how many Senators being present would it take for a quorum to pass most of Biden’s agenda?

If any investigative reporter has time on her/his hands would be interesting to see how many GOP members of Congress railing against vaccine and/or mask mandates have kids in expensive private schools that have vaccine and/or mask mandates… (Besides Ted Cruz.)

Remember this on Jan 6 Former Guy couldn’t get Mike Pence to overturn 2020 election. And his coup at US Capitol failed. Now he’s no longer President, but w/ the Big Lie, Trump has convinced GOP to try again to to destroy democracy – one state at a time.

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