Still outside the lines

Novak Djokovic is whining about that way he is being treated in Australia as an anti-vaxxer. Well if he wanted to be a anti-science anti-authority superstar and get away with it, Djokovic clearly should have become an NFL quarterback.

Novak Djokovic is unhappy that he remains at Melbourne quarantine hotel while he fights to be able to play in the Australian Open. Uh, he did his own research. The Australians have their own rules. Game, set, match.

Kevin Durant on the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving playing part-time with the Nets “I want him to play — play every game. But I’m not about to force somebody to get a vaccine, like that’s not my thing. Whatever decision he want to make, he’s going to make.”

Possible translation – it’s over 3 months to the playoffs, if he infects the whole team we should be out of protocols well before then?

San Antonio Spurs had to play tonight in Philadelphia without 6 players, including 4 of top 7 scorers “Start whoever you want,” said coach Gregg Popovich, “I don’t even know half their names in there tonight.”

(Maybe they could have borrowed some of those “Hi, my name is” stickers from the Saints from last weeks Monday night football.)

Rumors that Aaron Rodgers could threaten a Super Bowl boycott over California COVID and vaccine restrictions. Does this mean the Jacksonville Jaguars were just trendsetters? The Jags were clearly going to be boycotting the Super Bowl from about NFL week 2.

A simple question: The Former Guy’s Truth Social is supposedly starting in February. But considering his known propensity for not paying people who work for him, what makes anyone think he could find competent engineers to build the platform?

Just saying, so many of these Republican “leaders” who think Americans should trust them to stand up for our country, can’t even stand up to a loser ex-President who isn’t man enough to admit he lost.

It’s been that kind of year already. On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert talks about participating in dry January. “Personally I’m going to do a third of that, I’m not going to be drinking the eight hours a day I’m sleeping.”

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who promised in 2016 only to serve two terms in the Senate, is reportedly ready to announce he will run for a third term in 2022. Should we be surprised Ron’s as honest with his political promises as he is everything else?

If unemployment is only 3.9%, but many industries are reporting hiring problems, does this mean full employment still leaves many employers short of workers? Gosh, if we only had people from other countries who wanted to come to United States to work.

Why should we be surprised Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have a sane bipartisan bone in his body. My aunt lived in his district, Ridgecrest, CA, population about 25,000, Kern County. Asked how she coped – “There are 50 Democrats in town, I know them all, how many friends do you need?”

So were all GOP Senators AWOL yesterday for speeches about January 6 because they’ve all forgotten what happened, even Romney, who knows he was saved by a Capitol police officer? Or did McConnell threaten them with something?

Knew Stephen Colbert’s Jan 6, 2021 Late Show featuring interviews with Adam Kinzinger in his office, and Amy Klobuchar waiting in a room in the US Capitol for things to becleaned and secured, was nominated for Emmy. Listening to him talk last night how it was put together on fly, with all advertisers having pulled out & everything they were working on thrown out, , makes me wish he could get the award retroactively..

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