And down the stretch they come….

5 games to go & NL playoff teams are set. If Cardinals, winners of 17 straight, win out they’ll still be 10 games behind either Giants or Dodgers. And St. Louis has week to rest/prepare for Wild Card game while SF & LA will need to play hard to the wire.. Seems fair.

(Of course MLB might change the wild card rules after 2021. If the Yankees get knocked out in one game.)

MLB and ESPN finally paying a bit of attention to the SF Giants LA Dodgers pennant race. Guess that Padres Dodgers thing as the “best rivalry in baseball” didn’t quite work out.

Angels’ manager Joe Maddon: Shohei Ohtani saying he wants to win doesn’t mean he wants to leave LA. Of course not. Ohtani probably meant he wanted to be traded to the Dodgers and be part of baseball’s first half billion dollar payroll.

Fox News headline “Kristi Noem says media trying to destroy my children as report on daughter emerges.”

The referenced “report,” from the AP was how the South Dakota’s Governor’s daughter, 26, denied for her real estate appraiser certification until her mom met w/h SD Labor Secretary & head of agency.

She was 26. A mere child. #sarcasm

United Airlines now will have 64,500 out of their 66,500 work force vaccinated, but about 2,000 have applied for religious exemption to vaccine mandate.

So can United add a box to their website flight search? – “I only want to be on a plane w/ vaccinated flight attendants!

Democrats in Senate leadership are over 70. It’s almost completely on Seniority. So Senators in their 60s are too young to have official titles or chair top committees.

If House used same criteria, Nancy Pelosi, at a young 66 in 2007, would’ve been too young to become Speaker.

If GOP causes another government shutdown and Americans have social security checks etc, delayed, this is a reminder for people in Texas – You could have had Beto O’Rourke instead of Ted Cruz.

Sometimes when I get really frustrated as a travel agent dealing with difficult clients I remind myself at least I don’t have Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton or Josh Hawley as clients. To any travel agent or assistant who does deal with any those three, my profound sympathies.

Senate is overall a pretty wealthy group. Most GOP Senators are millionaires at least. So when Republicans voted to have Government shut down on Thursday night, guessing most of them won’t even notice if they get their paychecks.

What gets me, how many millions of Americans have family doctors they have trusted – until a failed real-estate developer started off telling them to drink bleach.

So now former WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has a tell-all book? Uh, not buying ANY book where someone had the chance to speak up in hopes of saving our country, but waited until they could profit off the knowledge. Period.

Why are we so shocked that many public servants and healthcare workers are getting vaccinated at the last minute to save their jobs? Anyone remember what stores used to look like the weekend before Christmas? Procrastination is a national sport.

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