Contact play.

Despite a great effort and some impressive play from new Senator Jon Ossoff, the GOP Congressional Baseball Team beat the Democrats 13-12.

Did it really matter. If Democrats ended up with more runs GOP would have declared an audit showed they won anyway..

Brewers star set-up reliever Devin Williams is out for the season after breaking a bone in his pitching hand punching a wall after Milwaukee celebrated clinching the division Sunday night “Siri, What does the expression mean – “Million dollar arm ten-cent head?”

Okay then, apparently some Dodgers fans are claiming on social media that SF Giants must be cheating because Giants including older players are performing so much better than expected in 2021? Suppose LA fans figure with a payroll over $300,000,000 that they bought the division fair and square?

The US government cannot force you to get a driver’s license or buy insurance. But if you don’t do both, then you are choosing not to drive a car. So don’t want to get vaccinated? Fine, you’re choosing not to go out to mingle with other people in public.

Uh, Senator Mike Lee says “sincerely-held personal beliefs” are enough for an American to refuse a vaccine. What if it’s your “sincerely-held personal belief” you can drive safely at 100 mph? Or that you can drive drunk?

Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins still refusing COVID vaccine: “Just going to keep fighting for what I believe is right. What’s right to one person isn’t right to the other.” Has anyone told Wiggins, the Harlem Globetrotters started because NBA didn’t think it was right for black players to join league?

As Ted Cruz stands up AGAIN to claim he won’t vote for Biden’s nominations because the President is too soft on Russia, today’s question, is it possible to literally self-combust from hypocrisy?.

Per Chuck Schumer Senate has deal on short-term government funding resolution to prevent a shutdown through December. Good news… but December? So GOP can play this stupid chicken game right before Christmas….

If you don’t believe the medical profession about getting a COVID-19 vaccine, then please be consistent and stay home when you get sick. The hospital would just treat you with the medical science you’re ignoring.

New study found nearly 4 in 10 people who became infected with covid-19 still had at least one symptom three to six months later. That we KNOW of. Remember, after 9-11 it took years until we realized how many first responders would end up dying of cancer.

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