Throwing away your shot?

Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins said decision not to get COVID-19 vaccine is a “private” matter. No, Your personal life is a private matter, your family is a private matter – being unvaccinated in a contact sport is no more a private matter than choosing to drive a car without brakes.

Sept 10: Padres’ Jake Cronenworth sustains broken finger being hit by pitch. Sept 18: Padres’ Jake Cronenworth starting at first base.

We can dream, Captain Brandon Belt fans! #SFGiants

Tom Brady says of returning to New England next Sunday night “I’m not going to necessarily reminisce.” Well at his age is Brady telling us he doesn’t remember?

Who says there’s no good news? SNL announced today that most cast members, including Kate McKinnon (!) are coming back for the 2021-2022 season.

In California now every single active registered voter will be mailed a ballot.

California has the concept that all our citizens be allowed to vote. No matter how they vote.

It’s called democracy.-

With limited booster COVID vaccines approved, we know KOW many rich privileged people will try to cheat to get booster shots before they are eligible. Media needs to seriously cover this to make enough unvaccinated people angry enough to get THEIR shots. If they get vaccinated to own the libs, I could cope.

Can anyone imagine if Democrats had voted against raising the debt ceiling and in favor of shutting down the government over Velveeta Voldemort’s millionaire & billionaire tax cuts?

Why are we surprised same Republican leaders that would cause hundreds of thousands of Americans to die rather than make President Biden look good with vaccines, would also cheerfully throw US into default to keep him from looking good with the economy?

Mitch McConnell just got his COVID vaccine booster shot & claims to be pro-vaccine. If Senate minority leader feels that way why doesn’t he use his much vaunted power over Republicans in Senate to get them to do joint PSA telling all eligible Americans to get vaccinated!

Can we STOP having the headlines all about those who are quitting in the police, healthcare industry etc over vaccine mandates? And let’s start with headlines “Overwhelming number of Americans do the right thing, get vaccinated, and keep their jobs.

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