Same old same old

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that a pass interference call will never go against Tom Brady in the last two minutes of an NFL game.

The only MLB power ranking that really matters is the playoffs.

But, after SF won 2 of 3 from LA last weekend, here’s ESPN’s latest:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers Record: 88-52

2. San Francisco Giants Record: 90-50


United Airlines says any employee who doesn’t get vaccinated by Sept 27 will be terminated or put on unpaid leave. Remember that flight attendant spiel “Your safety is our number 1 priority?” United’s actually acting like it.

Gavin Newsom is facing a recall in California.

Most Democrats, no matter how they feel about Newsom, do NOT want him replaced in 2021. But the Democratic controlled legislature hasn’t done ANYTHING to make it hard for rural conservatives to vote. It’s called democracy.

So when some anti-vaxxers decide they’d rather be fired than get the vaccine, will GOP suddenly reverse course on ending unemployment benefits?

Andrew Yang used to describe himself as “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, an Asian guy who is good at math.” Now Yang, who has announced he is starting a third party, is many women’s worst nightmare – a guy who thinks he’s too good to play well with others.

In case you missed it, or didn’t know, California allows paid signature gatherers for ballot intiatives. And GOP was paying serious money per signature to get gubernatorial recall on the ballot. The best circus money can buy. #VoteNoOnTheRecall


Republicans complaining about President Biden’s speech on vaccine mandates know darn well that they would be applauding a speech from Velveeta Voldemort saying that all federal workers needed to drink bleach.

Some anti-vaxxers say their decision doesn’t affect anyone else. Even if they don’t get a bad case of COVID, wonder how they’ll feel if they have a heart attack or are in a car accident and there’s no room in the ICU?

Erin Burnett on CNN points out, the United States started out as the first country to really roll out vaccines. Now by percentage of population of vaccinated we are 55th! (53.4%)

Behind Cambodia.

I missed the GOP tweets taking credit.

“Our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.” I kind of like “No f*cks to give” Joe Biden.

All audience members of Colbert Late Show must now show proof of vaccination.

Stephen Colbert tonight on President Biden’s demand that all federal government workers be vaccinated. “Finally the federal government has reached the high standards of audiences for a comedy show.”

Since pandemic started, most of us feel tired on ongoing basis. Then find out Amy Klobuchar, incredibly effective Energizer bunny of Senate has been doing it all in 2021 while battling breast cancer. Pure admiration is harder for me than snark. But she is incredible. Period.

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