No heart in Texas.

Jacob DeGrom apparently MIGHT be able to return to pitching for the Mets on Sept 13. The Mets have a 6.8% chance of making the playoffs as a wild card. All other teams eligible for the NL Wild Card would like to see that number go down to zero.

Tampa Bay Rays’ Nelson Cruz, 41 on Tuesday night became the oldest batter in major league history with 30 home runs in a season.

So Tom Brady wins a Super Bowl, Cruz is blasting home runs, does this mean Joe Thorton will have an MVP season if he only gets traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Since when did all the SF Giants pitchers’ decide they were Madison Bumgarner? Butcher-boy hit for Gausman yesterday, RBI double for Webb today.

Marc Ragovin tells me he read an article about MLB umpires meeting periodically via Zoom to hold prayer services. Meanwhile, fans meet periodically to pray that Angel Hernandez won’t be behind the plate for an important game

Amazing all travel agents aren’t alcoholics. Travel friend has client w/ son in college in Netherlands, which has mandatory 10 day quarantine for Americans. Wants to go for weekend for his birthday.. OK w/ quarantine as long as child can visit their hotel room. My head hurts.

Just watching late night Maddow – she points out the the Daily Beast reports that Georgia DA is interviewing folks at Georgia Secretary of State’s office about calls to SOS Raffensperger about election from both TFG AND Lindsey Graham. Might be time to buy some popcorn.

CNN interviewed Caitlyn Jennfer today trying to explain why she is the right candidate and why Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled in California. Meanwhile both Elizabeth Warren & Amy Klobuchar, not exactly ideological twins, made quick trips west to explain why Newsom should NOT be recalled & CNN didn’t cover either trip.

Do better, CNN

Portland, OR will vote Wed about banning trading goods & services with Texas & bar state employee business travel as well over new anti-abortion snitch bill. Since DeSantis & state GOP won’t be far behind, Portland might as well vote on Florida while they’re at it and save time.

And to media in general – when you cover new Texas voter suppression law, can one of you have cojones to ask Gov. Greg Abbott on camera why state needed to make it “harder to cheat” when 2020 election went smoothly & there’s no proof of anyone cheating?

Asking for a democracy.

So now that Mexico has decriminalized abortion while Texas has basically outlawed it, how long until Mexico tries to stop Republican women trying to sneak across their border?

Law of unintended consequences – the new voter suppression bill in Texas “empowers partisan poll watchers.” Ok then. So does “partisan poll watchers”, include Democratic women with guns? Asking in the spirit of Ann Richards and Molly Ivins.

Would Greg Abbott, who says “rape victims have six weeks to get an abortion,” like to explain how all rape victims, especially young women, will KNOW they are pregnant in 6 weeks? (really 4 weeks as it’s from date of last period.) Texas also limits sex education in schools.

Another bad headline: “Monica Lewinsky says she needs ‘a lot more therapy’ after seeing ‘the worst moments of her life’ dredged up in Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

Bill Clinton behaved badly, agreed. But Lewinsky, now 48, was a PRODUCER on the show & that was her choice.

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One Comment on “No heart in Texas.”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    maybe i should have changed my umpire choice to tony randazzo

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