What’s the spread on COVID?

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart says Bulldogs experiencing ‘highest spike’ of COVID-19 despite more than 90% of the team being vaccinated

Also Georgia – the university is not requiring fans to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to attend games at Sanford Stadium this season. Capacity is 92,746.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Due to COVID and injuries, SF Giants had their second bullpen game of the weekend against the LA Dodgers on Sunday vs Walker Buehler who was 13-2 with 2.05 ERA – best in NL

So of course Giants win 6-4 in a game that was only close in the 9th inning. Just like we all expected.

SF Giants actually won a September opener at Coors Field… which has historically been a House of Horrors for them. So what are you playing with when you go past house money?

“By every metric, the Dodgers are better. Better starting pitchers, for sure, stronger lineup, more stars, better bullpen, yadda-yadda.” A great read -if you weren’t already a Giants fan.


Notre Dame has their college football opener on… Sunday? Guess that keeping the Sabbath holy thing doesn’t apply when TV money is involved.

Last week the CDC put Puerto Rico on the Level 4 advisory “Do Not Travel” list. But they were afraid to do the same to Florida?!

Since Labor Day honors American workers and has historical ties to Labor unions, am amazed no Republican has proposed eliminating it yet

We’re Number 1! “Nationwide, the U.S. has recorded over 40 million COVID-19 cases and 648,000 deaths from the virus, the most of any nation in the world in both categories.” Missed Fox News and the Former Guy taking credit.

If ANYONE thinks Caliornia recall election is slam dunk victory for Governor Newsom:

1. You think Gavin flew both Elizabeth Warren AND Amy Klobuchar out from Boston and Minneapolis just to give them a few hours to enjoy speaking in nice California summer weather?

1. Remember 2016.

And #Vote #VoteNoOnTheRecall

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