Not so amateur hour.

This is the first year for college football where players can profit from “their name, image and likeness (NIL)

Some fans are upset and feel that the money will destroy the sport. Meanwhie #5 Georgia beat #3 Clemson, 10-3 in the — “Duke’s Mayo Classic?!?

Clearly Trea Turner rushed the throw on Friday night for an error to allow the SF Giants to beat the Dodgers in 11 innings because of Buster Posey’s blazing speed.

So Milwaukee Brewers allow 10 runs to the 1st place SF Giants in four games. And then give up 15 runs in one night to the 3rd place St. Louis Cardinals? That’s baseball.

So will tickets at some of these packed college fooball games especially in the South be able to be used for contact tracing?

Headline “US now has more than 4 times as many cases of COVID & twice as many in hospital as this time last year with deaths up 80% – despite 62% of population with at least one shot.”

“Despite?” Fixed it for them “Because 38% of population hasn’t been vaccinated at all…

Headline “11 House Republicans threaten phone companies with legal action if they hand Democrats their records from January 6.” Well, guessing we know which 11 House Republicans’ phone records we should look at first.

Apparently Rolling Stone ran article without fact-checkng about Oklahoma emergency rooms being full with people who OD’ed on ivermectin. Sadly, stretching facts for a story isn’t always partisan. So let’s make it simple Ivermectin is horse dewormer. Don’t take it for COVID.

And we wonder why Fox News viewers have warped view of the world. Today’s front page website headline “VACCINE VIOLENCE -“Shooting erupts after Antifa thugs clash with anti-vaccine mandate protesters.” Amazed they called the anti-vaxxers “protesters” & not “freedom fighters

Defense attorneys have insisted the Parkland shooting suspect can’t be called ‘animal’ at his trial. Makes sense to me. It’s an insult to animals.

Some conservative media making a big deal over the fact that President Biden couldn’t remember the name of the song he had played at his daughter’s wedding. Wonder how many men remember the songs played at their own weddings?

Any woman of childbearing age in a red state who is sexually active should always drive in the carpool lane – because hey, she COULD be close to six weeks pregnant.

So as Governor Ron Deathsantis remains hellbent against all COVID restrictions, why doesn’t he prove his point by going to a anti-mask anti-vax rally in Florida and shaking the hands of all those “defenders of Freedom?”

So Pete Buttigieg’s daughter’s middle name is Amy Klobuchar’s mother’s name – Rose. The platonic political rom-com continues.

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2 Comments on “Not so amateur hour.”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Article today about mlb umpires meeting periodically via Zoom to hold prayer services. Meanwhile, fans meet periodically to pray that Laz Diaz won’t be behind the plate for an important game

    (Janice, if you like this you can sub another ump who is considered to be universally bad. Not even sure if Laz fits that category but I think he does. Actually, Will Little might be the worst ump I’ve seen in a long time, but I’ll leave it to you.)

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