Anthem, what anthem?

Anyone watching the Olympics may or may not realize that while they see Russian athletes, they will never hear the Russian national anthem, even if a Russian wins. They are all, even former medal winners, competing for the ROC – Russian Olympic Committee.

Don’t care much about medal counts, but seeing Russia disqualified over a state-sponsored doping network, while the “Russian Olympic Committee” is racking up medals..?

Wouldn’t this be like disqualifying the Astros for cheating but allowing the Houston Baseball Committee to keep playing towards a World Series title?

After an opening loss to France, Team USA men’s basketball has won back-to-back blowouts. Maybe just random. Or maybe the team has started listening to coach Popovich?

Russia cannot officially compete in the Olympics because they were caught with a “state-sponsored doping network.” Meanwhile, it could be said Russia continues to compete in US politics – with their state-sponsored network that turned many Americans into dopes

Wonder how many of those attacking Simone Biles for not competing would also be attacking her had she competed with “the twisties” & had a subpar (ie -no medal) performance?. Or if Simone suffered a serious injury – “she should have known she wasn’t in shape to compete.” #CantWin

-New idea: Since $$$ seems to be a motivating factor for many and many people who got a COVID vaccine as soon as possible aren’t getting rewards like the hesitant – what about rewards for both for those getting the shot AND for whoever brings them in?

Vaccine bounty hunters!

So while I try to check in on Conservative media sometimes i still haven’t seen the answer to this question: If the vaccines were so dangerous, why did wealthy people, including liberals, work so desperately, even cheating at times, to get their shots before the rest of us?

Schumer-“Senators & staffs still working & hope to have final legislative text on infrastructure ready Sun.” Mark Warner-“On beautiful Sat. in July we all wish perhaps we were somewhere else other than floor of Senate.” Again, why doesn’t media cover Senators actually doing work?

Some worry that Republicans will throw hissy fits if Biden issues vaccination mandates. Uh, they’re throwing hissy fits now. Might as well have them vaccinated while they rage.

We know how bad COVID is raging among the unvaccinated because Fox News is headlining a supposed “raging border crisis.”

Open note to vaccine deniers:. Saying “I was wrong” is really hard.

I’ll go first. After Howard Dean basically dropped out I figured John Edwards was best potential President left in 2004 Democratic primary

I was wrong.

(And Edwards’ ego & zipper problem didn’t kill anyone.)

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One Comment on “Anthem, what anthem?”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Congratulations to Jon Matlack, Ron Darling, and Edgardo Alfonso for being inducted into the NY Mets Hall of Fame. Although to be fair, that’s kind of the equivalent to being added to the Exxon Valdez Crew Ring Of Honor.

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