Two minutes…

Bob Baffert praising the heart of his Kentucky Derby winning Medina Spirit. “He doesn’t know how much he cost.” ($1,000 as a yearling, $35,000 as a 2 year old.)

Perfect timing for the Kentucky Derby – the two minutes the race lasted was less than half the time every single NFL team was repeatedly “on the draft clock.”

For anyone agonizing over their team’s draft pick based on ZERO NFL games played: 1998 Newsday poll of 20 NFL GMs found 14 of them would’ve taken Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning -“stronger arm, better mobility & more promising long-term prospect as a franchise-caliber player.”

MLB said batters are hitting just .232 overall through April, down from .252 two years ago. Gosh, maybe pitchers have figured out this home run or strike out mentality makes it a lot easier to pitch smarter and get batters out?

That moment when you turn away from paying attention to baseball because the SF Giants bullpen fell apart and the Brewers fell behind 5-3 in the 11th to the Dodgers Then you check in an hour later and Milwaukee won 6-5!

Apparently many in Caitlyn Jenner’s family are “embarrassed” by her run for Governor in California. Give her credit, who thought it was possible to embarrass a Kardashian?

Liz Cheney is anti-choice, anti-gun control, anti-environmental legislation, anti-Obama care and pro-tax cuts for millionaires. For starters. And many GOP are now furious at her for fist-bumping President Biden? #Priorities

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will sign bill to stop social media companies like Facebook & Twitter from “deplatforming” politicians. So what’s gonna happen if some Dem candidate gets over a million followers in 2022 and attacks DeSantis & Rubio nonstop. Let’s find out, shall we?

Have to love Jim Acosta calling Fox News a “bullsh*t factory.” Although he may owe an apology… to actual fertilizer factories.

Watching many in today’s GOP attack Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, have to wonder, would they turn on the late Antonin Scalia now because of his friendship with RBG?

Per CNN, in England Prince William & Kate “will not post anything on social media this weekend in solidarity w/ online boycott by England’s pro soccer clubs aimed at urging tech giants to tackle racist & sexist abuse on their platforms.”

GOP assault on British royalty in 3.2.1..

Sometimes I think the best way to get more Republicans vaccinated would be to spread the rumor on Parler etc that Hunter Biden, Hillary and Antifa are trying to scare Trump supporters away from getting shots so more of them will get sick and die.

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