Just a bit outside.

SF Giants Wilmer Flores just took three called strikes in the top of the 9th, and not a single one was in the strike zone. But tell me again how we can put a runner on 2nd with nobody out in the top of the 10th, but robot umpires would threaten the “sanctity of baseball?”


So did the San Antonio Spurs, up 32 at one point, and 28 points in the 3rd quarter, try to honor the NFL draft by doing an Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl imitation?

From Amy Klobuchar’s “Antitrust.” Did not know this —Louisiana Senators Hale Boggs & Russell Long demanded a football team as a condition of letting AFL and NFL merge.

So this is how we got the New Orleans Saints. #WhoDat

NFL draft grades seem an awful lot like evaluating future marriages after the first swipe right.

I don’t care about Josh Duggar other than to feel sorry for his children. But if he were a famous liberal can you imagine Fox News today?

Rachel Maddow tonight exposing many of the GOP members of Congress taking credit for Democratic COVID relief they voted against. Maybe they think it’s a fair trade for blaming Democrats for what Republicans actually do?

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is suing President Biden for his refusal to allow fireworks on the Fourth of July at Mt. Rushmore. So would Noem consider promising if fireworks start a major wildfire, the state will NOT ask for any federal funds afterwards?

Not ok: Criticizing Tim Scott with a racist nickname.

Ok: Criticizing Tim Scott for being just another GOP liar.

Ted Cruz has announced he is ‘fed up’ with ‘woke’ corporations, and pledges no longer to accept their PAC donations. Translations, corporations are deciding Cancun Cruz is Toxic Ted.

As someone with friends in the restaurant & bar industry, I can tell you that not checking id doesn’t get you out of an arrest for furnishing alcohol to a minor. It doesn’t get you out of sleeping with a 17 year old either. #MattGaetzIsInTrouble

Reports now that Louis DeJoy ordered postal inspectors to monitor Americans social media postsWell, heaven forbid they spend their time doing something like working on getting the mail delivered on time….(To be honest, if I knew I might have been monitored I might have been even snarkier.)

Well this didn’t take long. Actual Fox News headline about the #FirstFeline – “Bidens bringing another animal into the White House despite troubles with dog Major.” Wait until the cat coughs up a hairball on Peter Doocy.

Love all this: 1. The future #FirstFeline is according to Jill Biden “waiting in the wings.” 2. It’s a female cat. 3. President Biden was asked if the cat was his idea. He simply replied, “No.”

Again and not for close to the last time – have a problem with Joe Manchin? Work like h*ll to elect Democratic Senators in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, for starters, in 2022! The bluer the Senate, the less his vote matters.

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