So in how many newspapers other than in Jacksonville will the headlines in the sports section be “Why ‘fill-in-the-blank” really blew it by not picking “fill-in-the-blank” in the first round?

(And in how many papers will the same headlines be in about 6 months – “why ‘fill-in-the-blank’ was the steal of the draft?”)

Thinking instead of all this NFL draft hype, it’s a better use of a few hours if you haven’t seen it (and maybe even if you have) to watch Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner and yes, Chadwick Boseman in “Draft Day.”


1. SF Giants’ have 2nd best pitching ERA in baseball, and apparently MLB’s lowest ERA for starting pitchers.

2. Can anyone outside SF Bay Area name more than one person in the Giants rotation? (Hint, the one you can name is on the IL.)

That’s baseball.

Mike Tauchman had 3 hits in 1st game w/ #SFGiants after being traded yesterday from NY Yankees. auchman probably didn’t expect at beginning of season to be starting May in SF. But NO one expected by going to Giants from Yankees, Mike’s joined team w/ much better record.

There will never be bus service near Mar-A-Lago. No bus could run with all the people the Former Guy would throw under it.

Tim Scott is giving Nikki Haley a run for her money as the South Carolina politician who has most abandoned their principles in hopes of GOP glory.

Marsha Blackburn started out her attack today on Joe Biden’s plans by talking about common sense… Marsha Blackburn and common sense are not two things I expected ever to write in the same sentence.

Margin of 0.4%, less than 32,500 votes….

Yes, that’s how much Governor Ron DeSantis won Florida Gubernatorial election by in 2018. Less than the number of fans usually attending most FL college football games.

If your vote didn’t matter, GOP wouldn’t try so hard to stop it.

Personally thinking it was a very good first Presidential Address by President Biden. Made even better by the fact that Joe didn’t brag about his speech afterwards on Twitter.

Without a single proven case of voter fraud, Florida Gov DeSantis plans to sign restrictive new GOP voting law, including tougher ID requirements to request absentee ballot. But Ron doesn’t want you to need to prove you’ve been vaccinated to get on a cruise ship. #NotTheOnion

Just counted, I have voted in 11 Presidential elections. Yes, I’m not young anymore, but I remember when idea was when you lost you tried to figure out how to get a better candidate or message next time – not how to overturn the election.

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