NL Least

The Arizona Diamondbacks are 15-13, fourth in the NL West.

Meanwhile the NY Mets and Washington Nationals at 11-11 and 12-12 (.500) respectively, are atop the NL East.

So looks like MLB’s NL East is well on their way to an NFL NFC East comparison.

Mets scored 8 runs to win today. So you know won thing. Jacob DeGrom wasn’t pitching.

The 2021 NFL Draft has begun.

The 2022 NFL Pre-Draft hype starts next weekend.

California has one of the lowest COVID rates in US. Federal data indicates only about 11% of Californians are estimated to be vaccine hesitant, also one of lowest rates in US. Staying alive to own the Conservatives?

Tornadoes caused major damage in 3 Mississippi cities tonight. Biden’s infrastructure bill has money for repairs & strengthening roads, bridges etc in advance of future weather events. Does this mean the state’s Senators will take credit for the bill after they vote against it?

Wonder if Michael Flynn forgot the words to the Pledge of Allegiance because he was worried about confusing it with the Russian one?

If GOP thinks DC is too small to be a state, what about North and South California?

Let’s face it, if they could, Republicans would repeal statehood for Hawaii. Especially as that would make Obama retroactively ineligible to be President.

American Idol tonight starts their tape-delayed broadcast on the West Coast with the disclaimer “All voting has ended.” Let’s hope this doesn’t give the GOP ideas.

Among GOP plans after losing in November, are state bills to expand the authority of poll watchers, which could led to more voter intimidation. If these bills pass, what happens if armed POC show up in white suburban districts?

If you get a dog like a Jack Russell Terrier, smart dog people will warn you, the breed gets bored easily and if you can’t find something for it to do, the dog will find destructive things to do. The Former Guy turned the media into Jack Russell Terriers.

I like Cindy McCain. But this shouldn’t be a controversial statement about the latest fake audit attempt in AZ: “Listen, the whole thing is ludicrous quite frankly, it’s ludicrous… the election is over. Biden won.”

I remember making jokes about George W. Bush being stupid. But at least W. didn’t demand his voters risk their lives by proving they could behave stupidly!

While SD Gov. Kristi Noem sues Biden to allow fireworks at Mt. Rushmore, in April monument was closed several days w/wildfires & Noem declared state of emergency until June, citing ‘widespread drought conditions, low humidity, high wind & high temperatures.” So it’s all a stunt.

Noem knows it’s not safe to have fireworks this year. But she’s going to blame it on Biden….

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