Missed hitting enter by that much…

Madison Bumgarner threw a 7 inning no-hitter today in the second game of a doubleheader. But MLB says the no-hitter doesn’t count because it’s only 7 innings. Uh, wait, the no-hitter doesn’t count, but the game counts?

And if shortening baseball makes it not count for records, how come the Dodgers still got a World Series trophy?

The Dodgers are the first team in baseball this year to blow a six run lead after seven innings. Not a joke. Just fun to right.

Former Baylor coach Kim Mulkey was just named LSU women’s basketball coach.

Now, she’s a Hall of Fame coach, but Mulkey is also the only who said last month “Wouldn’t it be shame if kids test positive & they don’t get to play in Final Four? You just need to forget COVID tests, get 4 teams playing in each Final Four & go battle it out.”

Getting your first COVID-19 shot and skipping the second is like wearing your seat belt to drive somewhere and leaving it unbuckled for the return trip.

Jon Voight, who hasn’t been a big name in Hollywood since the 1970s, is now using his right-wing views to go on national TV to complain about being “silenced.

46% of Republicans think the Chauvin guilty verdict was wrong. The scary question… included in that 46% are how many cops? We NEED the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

There oughta be a rule on Sunday morning talk shows – if you can’t accept reality, admit the 2020 election was fair and Joe Biden won, you can’t be on them.

Illustration of Sunday Talk Show problem: Amy Klobuchar on Meet the Press talked about getting the George Floyd Justice in Police act passed, perhaps with bipartisan support, saying “Senator Booker leading negotiations; I have so much faith in him to get to something meaningful.”

Rick Scott on ABC This Week said the Former Guy “worked hard.”

Lindsey Graham on Fox News -“There’s no systemic racism.”

Guess which comments get the headlines?

It’s not going to be an overnight process, but we’ll know if we’ve made real strides in justice and police reform in the US when a guilty verdict as in the Chauvin trial isn’t a surprise.

Joe Biden is going to take away everyone’s hamburgers like Barack Obama took away everyone’s guns.

In homage to this crazy semi-lost year with the COVID-19 pandemic, must admit I found myself wishing SOMEONE would show up at the Oscars in a beautiful designer top, and sweatpants.

Amazed tonight at the Oscar, as usual when someone apologizes that their English is not very good, and that English is always better than most of us, even those who studied one for years, ever spoke a foreign language.

Glenn Close, knowing and then doing “Da Butt” was a definite lagniappe for tonight’s Oscars

Closing line from Tyler Perry, talking about refusing hate: “I want to take this Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and dedicate it to whoever wants to stand in the middle. That’s where conversation happens, that’s where change happens.” #Oscars

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