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Another great outing for Kevin Gusman, the 2021 SF Giants equivalent of Jacob DeGrom – 1 run, 1 hit, nothing to show for it. (Giants lost after bullpen fell apart in 1-1 tie in the 8th.)

Shame Madison Bumgarner isn’t still around to teach him Gusman how to hit.

Btw, for all those who see a young pitcher who throws in three figures & wonder why they haven’t been in the majors before… watch 9th inning of Saturday night’s SF Giants-Marlins game. 100 mph means nothing if you can’t control location. And 100 mph in straight over the place goes out even faster. Rant over.

After LeBron James posted but then deleted an angry “You’re next” tweet after the police shooting of a 14 year old girl in Columbus, a Cincinnati bar owner said he wouldn’t show NBA games until the league expelled James.:

The bar owner said “if a high-ranking government official of the likes of former President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden had made similar statements there would be calls for ‘impeachment.'”

Who wants to tell him?

Mar-A-Lago will close for the Summer soon, and the Former Guy will apparently move to his club in Bedminster. How often does New Jersey say “there goes the neighborhood?

I know he’s “summering” at Bedminster. But really, isn’t the Former Guy more of a Jersey Shore kind of guy?

Elon Musk is hosting SNL next month. Guess they’re bringing back an old skit.

So who’s gonna play Lady Douchebag?

Every time right-wing media accuses Democratic leaders of dishonesty and hiding information I want to ask one question – Why did we never see a picture of the Former Guy and Former Flotus getting their COVID-19 vaccine?

I wonder if you asked random MAGAs how many of them even know the Former Guy GOT a COVID-19 vaccine?

So I understand journalism is supposed to be impartial. But when did it become impartial to let someone come on your show and never say “Excuse me, that’s factually incorrect?”

Texas GOP is trying to pass new voting laws that are “outlining restrictions only for counties w/ population over 1 million – targeting increasingly diverse areas like Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas.”

When they say the White part out loud.

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