Four lucky rabbits feet?

If anyone had said SF Giants would be one game behind Los Angeles Dodgers 20 games into the 2021 season, pretty sure most of us would have assumed it was because Dodgers were starting the season playing like they had a really bad World Series hangover.

These are difficult times, but turning on KNBR while grocery shopping and listening to Tom Tolbert and Rod Brooks discuss a giant rabbit at SF Giants game…. well for a few minutes all’s right with the world.


LSU is cutting lies w/ star RB Derrius Guice & removing his stats from Tigers record book. Guice charged in 3 separate 2020 domestic violence incidents, 2 sexual assaults in 2016, plus other incidents. You know it’s bad when you trigger the SEC’s “7 strikes & you’re out” policy.

We absolutely need police reform and to deal with systemic racism. And no traffic stop should be punished with the death penalty.

But fortunately no one got hurt when Steelers CB Justin Layne was arrested in Ohio last night for felony transportation of a gun. He was also allegedly going 89 mph in a 60 zone, at 300am, with a suspended license Sorry, that’s just plain stupid.


So can someone explain to me how same folks who are angry at perceived “privileged elitists” having advantages ordinary people don’t get, reconcile that with refusing COVID-19 vaccine those same privileged elitists jumped the line to get?

Stanford University will require all students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 this fall. While students can request medical/religious exceptions, presumably anyone smart enough to get into Stanford is smart enough to want to get vaccinated.

(and yes, Josh Hawley. But Hawley HAS been vaccinated, although he’s hardly a poster boy telling others to do so.)

As Rachel Maddow reminds us tonight Arizona GOP is now trying to use “Election Ninjas” company to overthrow 2020 Presidential election results, reminder Krysten Sinema, even if she is maddening at times, is a trivial problem for Democrats by comparison.

State elections matter!

If MAGAs are going to boycott Disney World for being too “woke” then while that won’t do anything about their high prices, it makes Disney World a far more attractive destination for the rest of us!

George W. Bush says now he voted for Condoleezza Rice through a write-in in 2020. So W. remains as good as he was as President in making tough decisions when he didn’t love either option.

If someone came up with a movie script involving a lawmaker who looked and acted like Matt Gaetz they’d probably have been told to edit the script to make it more realistic.

Would the media stay more interested in Matt Gaetz sex trafficking scandal, possibly including underage girls, if we could somehow convince them there was a pizza parlor involved?

Caitlyn Jenner is going to run for Governor of California. As if the state having the lowest COVID-19 rate in the country weren’t good enough news already this week for Gavin Newsom

Caitlyn Jenner running for Gov. of Calif. is a joke. You know what’s not a joke? $100 million recall election will cost Calif – it only takes 12% of voters in last election to trigger recall. Newsom was already up for re-election in 2022. Please think before you sign petitions.

Remember when right-wing media attacks President Biden for not having regular Press Conferences, April 23, was the one year anniversary of the Former Guy suggesting we ingest bleach.

Sunday morning Devil’s Bargain with Meet the Press: To watch Amy Klobuchar I have to watch Chuck Todd.

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