Fit to be tied.

Yeah, this probably isn’t gonna last.

But it’s fun for now.

NL West Standings:SF Giants 15 8 .652

LA Dodgers 15 8 .652

Wait, thought I was turning on an Giants-Rockies game and looks like SF Giants batting practice session has broken out.

(12-0 Giants.)

Still wrapping my head around MLB not giving Madison Bumgarner credit for his 7-inning no-hitter. Dodgers got World Series credit after 60 game season, & crucial extra-inning games can be won if team is lucky enough to have fastest runner placed at 2nd in 10th. Do better, MLB

San Antonio Spurs beat Washington Wizards 146-143 tonight in OT Coach Gregg Popovich after the game: “You wouldn’t exactly say it was a defensive clinic by either team.” I love Pop.

Steve Scalise, who is part of GOP leadership and thus entitled to attend, says he won’t attend Biden’s Joint Address to Congress.

This feels kind of like when that obnoxious relative you HAVE to invite to your wedding says he can’t make it.

Bottle with popping cork

Kevin McCarthy claims “This is the tightest tightrope anyone has to walk,” as he defends the Former Guy. Tightrope? More like a sobriety test – a simple white line anyone can walk who’s not drunk on Donald’s lies.

Marco Rubio ranting in an op-ed about corporations and “woke toxic nonsense?” Thinking he should stick to meaningless bible verses.

If someone had said that a state would try to set up different rules for voting ONLY for cities with a population over one million, most of us would have thought that was a bad joke. Texas has become a bad joke.

But hey, headlines all about GOP states gaining Congressional seats: Texas will gain 2 & Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina & Oregon will gain 1.

While NY, Illinois, Mich. Ohio, Pennsylvania, CA. & WV each lost 1.

Except Oregon and Colorado are blue. OH & WV are red. And Texas & FL ARE getting bluer.

CNN reporting some advisors to Former Guy are urging him to make a vaccine PSA. Wonder if he’s afraid that watching a PSA would be a gateway drug to science.

All of this ridiculousness over the lie that Biden will mandate lower beef consumption and take away your hamburgers, reminds me of a Johnny Carson joke when McDonald’s sold their one-billionth burger. “Can you imagine? that’s almost 10 pounds of meat.”

How long until GOP starts complaining that Joe Biden wants us to drink plant-based wine too?

Ron Johnson complaining about vaccinations, and people being forced to carry a card to participate in society. Yes, the same Ron Johnson who spouts GOP party line that US needs to tighten requirements for voter ID cards to participate in society.

So during Blitz in England, Blackout regulations “required that all windows & doors should be covered at night w/ suitable material -heavy curtains, cardboard or paint, to prevent escape of any glimmer of light that might aid enemy aircraft.” And folks are bitching about masks?

Remember when everyone agreed in 2000 that most people in Palm Beach County INTENDED to vote for Al Gore and not Pat Buchanan but got confused by the butterfly ballot? Somehow I missed GOP concern about election integrity and checking ballots a dozen times then.

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