The shortest drought?

During one nine and a half minute stretch in Golden State Warriors’s loss on Tuesday night they were outscored 28-0.

And unfortunately for the Warriors, they were playing the Dallas Mavericks, not the Atlanta Falcons.

(Final score, 133 to 103.)

CDC guidelines now say you can be outside without a mask if you’re not in a crowd. So Marlins fans should be fine.

The Milwaukee Bucks are offering free COVID-19 vaccine first Pfizer shot to eligible fans on Saturday night, (with a second shot appointment to be scheduled)

Wonder if the Houston Rockets had the same idea, but figured none of their fans would trust they could them to make any shot?

SF Giants fans in extra innings – these “runner on second no one out games can escalate really quickly (and did tonight) from “This is a great game,” to “At least the Dodgers lost.”

Non-political non-sports travel agent rant of the day on hotel false advertising: A “one-room suite” is NOT a suite. It is a large room maybe with a seating area. Suites are TWO rooms at least, plus bathroom. Thank you.

So apparently Liz Cheney won’t rule out running against Joe Biden in 2024. Wonder if she feels she’s qualified due to her father’s experience being President?

CDC now says fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks outdoors unless they are in a big crowd. Which is great, but wonder how many anti-maskers are also anti-vaxxers?

So if some Democrat suggests vaccine passports can serve as voter id will Fox News heads explode?

Fox News and some in GOP trying to convince Americans that no one was in any danger at the Capitol on January 6, but Americans ARE in danger now if they wear masks. My head hurts.

Presidents ARE role models. Some conservatives attacking Joe Biden for wearing a mask too often. The Former Guy almost never wore one. Wonder what Herman Cain thinks?

So Tucker Carlson thinks you should call Child Protective Services if you see a child with a mask. But not if you see a child in the company of Matt Gaetz?

If the media only had felt as compelled to ask gotcha questions of the Former Guy as they do of President Biden.

Senate “Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021” on the floor and pass almost unanimously. Except Ted Cruz was one of 3 “no” votes. To be fair, perhaps Ted is afraid water will melt him.

Who says politicians can’t be succinct? When Stephen Colbert asks Amy Klobuchar “Last time we spoke (which was the night of January 6) you were pretty mad at Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. Still mad? “Yeah.”

Forget children with masks. Did any Republicans even think of whether they should call child protective services when they got shown nude pictures by Matt Gaetz?

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