Guilty, guilty, guilty

Fond memories of Doonesbury today, Yes, I had this book.

Want to know when we’ve have achieved some serious police reform? When we’re no longer shocked and relieved when a police officer is held accountable for a crime.

Just learned tonight that Minnesota Governor Tim Malz was a former 4th grade teacher. Makes sense. Bet he was a good one.

“I don’t see how it could have been otherwise, but I truly know it could have been otherwise.” 91 year old African-American woman quoted on Rachel Maddow as she heard the Chauvin guilty verdict. Speaking for so many of us tonight.

Need reminder on how much state & local elections matters?

Minnesota A Keith Ellison elected with less than 4% margin of vote in 2018.

His GOP opponent Doug Wardlow stated if elected, he’d “fire 42 Democratic attorneys right off the bat” from the AG’s office.

Doug Wardlow, no joke, is currently general counsel for Mike Lindell and My Pillow.

Imagine if HE were MN AG.

I like to think in heaven today that Walter Mondale is hugging George Floyd.

Seeing Derek Chauvin handcuffed and walked out of that Minneapolis courtroom is the most satisfying thing I have seen in a long time.

Lisa Monaco being confirmed as Deputy Attorney General as close to unanimously as you can get in today’s Senate. So we don’t need to know about Lisa to know two things – she hasn’t sent mean tweets, and she’s white.

So it’s now Wednesday, April 21. How many serious stoners will be celebrating 420 day today?

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