As many good teams as Steph Curry has almost singlehandedly led the Warriors to victory over in last few weeks, who had him losing his 11 game streak of 30 points or more in a game to the Washington Wizards?

Don’t have a strong opinion on Lebron James & his tweets today except that “I took the tweet down because its being used to create more hate” sounds a lot more like “I may have made a mistake” than you hear from most politicians & leaders.

How many levels of stupid can be contained in one sentence? “Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. will miss time because of violation of NBA’s health safety protocols stemming from visiting Miami strip club w/ teammate Sterling Brown where Brown was assaulted, sources told ESPN.”

Florida’s new “Anti-Riot” law classifies 3 or more people protesting as a riot, and also gives civil immunity to people who drive their car into a crowd of protestors. Has it occurred to any of these Republicans this could basically legalize murder after a controversial Florida-Florida State football game?

Rachel Maddow points out how Florida’s “Anti-Riot” bill, which criminalizes a long loose list of things deemed “protests” is House Bill 1 in Florida. My daily (at least) reminder, #ForThePeopleAct is Senate Bill 1, for a reason. The ONLY way we save democracy is to vote.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted “I’m glad I ran into you @AOC to plan our debate about Gree New Deal. After I finish reading all 14 pages like we agreed, I’ll schedule time for our debate.” Trying to wrap my head around what application to be intern in Greene’s office is like.

Millions have seen Stacey Abrams school John Kennedy on racist provisions of GA voting bill. (worth googling if you haven’t seen it.)

Reminder for 2022, Kennedy won LA seat over Sen Mary Landrieu, often attacked by liberal Dems as too conservative. Red State Dems may be annoying, but they’re better than the alternative.

Colin Kahl, who was only confirmed as Biden’s nominee for Undersecretary of Defense Policy because VP Kamala Harris needed to cast tie-breaking vote, , apparently in Tweets called Devin Nunes “biased and dishonest” & said Former Guy was “a moron.”

Well, clearly Kahl needs to work on his diplomacy, but seems nothing wrong with his intelligence.

After Chauvin guilty verdict, think it’s a good idea to have DOJ civil investigation into Minneapolis Police Department. But hope this doesn’t make folks in other cities think they don’t have anything that might need fixing with THEIR police.

GOP Senators Sullivan (Alaska), Rubio and Scott (Florida) have a bill to push CDC to open up cruising from US ports this July. Might help if Rubio and Scott talk to their COVIDiot governor who is trying to ban cruises from demanding proof of vaccination to board. Just saying.

Chris Christie now says he’s now “seriously considering” running for President. Of course he can still close down that bridge when he comes to it.

If you live in Virginia, you still have wear a mask in public, but starting July 1 you’ll be able to possess and privately use and grow a small amount of marijuana. Whereas Florida still has laws both against masks and marijuana. State elections matter.

Kaiser Family Foundation study found US may be less than a month until COVID-19 vaccine supply outstrips demand. Since many Americans are increasingly so bad at both science and odds, not completely joking to suggest US offer anyone who gets a vaccine free Powerball tickets.

Cory Booker for Vanita Gupta, notes Dick Durbin speaks softly “not raising his voice like I do.” Actually Cory’s very good when he’s mad. He’s justifiably mad now -“She’s not a partisan, she’s a patriot. She’s not a Democrat or Republican, she’s an honest broker.”

Again, not a big fan of Manchin or Sinema. But they both voted yes on Vanita Gupta. That “D” after a Senator’s name matters.

Kayleigh McEnany on Fox attacking Joe Biden Tuesday for his comments on Chauvin trial: “I think it’s the role of the president of the United States to stay back, to not inflame the tensions.” I could stay up all night and never write a line as funny as that. Good night all.

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