Exceeding expectations.

Yeah, about three weeks into the 2021 MLB season we all had the Los Angeles Dodgers with the best record in the National League.

But the second and third best teams by record being the NY Mets and SF Giants?

Don’t put away those batsh*t bingo cards yet.

Watching SF Giants on TV and seeing pictures of Philly cheesesteaks grilling at Tony Luke’s centerfield ballpark stand in Philadelphia makes me really miss travel… especially baseball “road trips.” Sigh.

At the risk of jinxing them, there are just under 4 weeks left in NBA regular season, and San Antonio Spurs won their 28th game.

The reason this matters. In Las Vegas the over-under on Spurs wins for the SEASON was 28.5.

It is just possible Gregg Popovich is a very good coach.

A govt watchdog group said Ted Cruz’s campaign illegally spent $154,000 of campaign funds on copies of his new book last fall, & $18,000 to promote it via Facebook ads. And even so, most Americans are going “what book?”


Politico reports Amy Coney Barrett, got a $2 million advance for book “about how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule. Like when RBG called the Former Guy “a faker” in 2016, and he tweeted “Her mind is shot – resign”?

Mitch McConnell is clutching his pearls over Maxine Waters comments about looking for a guilty verdict in Chauvin trial… “It’s hard to imagine anything more inappropriate..” Oh, I don’t know, hypothetically a President looking to overthrow an election?

Fox News & GOP – Maxine Waters saying “get more confrontational” is “cause for a mistrial,” “trying to start a race war, etc. Also Fox News & GOP – The Former Guy saying “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore” was just an invitation to a picnic.

Not that I watched but noticed Fox News referred to The Former Guy as “Former President.” That’s got to have ticked him off big time. Bummer.

26 year anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing, with 168 victims including 19 children.

If it happened today, even if McVeigh did a real time bragging confession on Twitter or Facebook Live, Fox News would still be trying to blame the mass murder to Democrats & “Antifa.”

We’ll know Clubhouse is really a thing if/when Mark Zuckerberg starts putting major resources into squashing it.

Defense closing arguments in Chauvin trial, trying to blame George Floyd’s death on anything but Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck: Part of argument is Floyd was so strong he needed to be restrained that way. But also so weak he would have died anyway? Would almost be funny if it weren’t murder.

Finally, RIP Walter Mondale. Part of the first ticket I ever voted for in 1980. He was a good man. From the Carter Center….

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