Missed it by not missing him “by that much.”

Congrats to Carlos Rodon. Second no-hitter of the 2021 MLB Season

Both of them ONE hit batter away from perfect games.

As an SF Giants fan -this brings back memories of Marvin Bernard. (his being hit by a pitch kept Kevin Brown’s no hitter from being a perfect game in 1997)

Yeah, it’s 12 games in. But #SFGiants are 8-4. How many people expected them to be 4-8? (including Giants fans.)

Five members of Houston Astros have been placed on injured list “as a result of health & safety protocols. GM James Click said it’s not because players broke COVID-19 protocols, saying “they’re following the rules.” And why should anyone think the Astros would break any rules?

Meanwhile, Minnesota Twins’ Andrelton Simmons declined a COVID 19 vaccine last week, and today tested positive. another reminder there is no correlation between athletic ability and intelligence:

As Kirsti Noem grandstands about South Dakota not accepting any illegal immigrants, your reminder other states HAD to accept COVIDiots who’d been at 2020 Sturgis Bike Festival. So thousands of Americans are unable to respond to Gov. Noem, because they are now dead.

In her nasty tweet, Kristi Noem says South Dakota doesn’t want “illegal immigrants” & tells immigrants “call me when you’re an American.” Uh, AP estimates 14% of meatpacking work force in SD are undocumented immigrants. Why doesn’t she call, and arrest, the owners of those plants?

So is it just possible that GOP members of Congress are not condemning Matt Gaetz, who reportedly shared nude pictures of girls/women with his colleagues, because someone clued them in on DC laws that make sharing pictures without the subject’s consent is a crime – “nonconsensual pornography? ” #Complicit

A man charged in the January 6 insurrection has been jailed after he was out on bail and caught attempting to flee to Switzerland. Will Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson say he was just picking up chocolate for the next “festive” event?

The only statement I would want to hear the media cover from the Former Guy would be one where he tells all his cult members to get a COVID-19 shot as soon as possible.

Not that I trust Mitch McConnell but looks he is allowing his fellow Republicans to compromise and maybe support anti-Asian American hate crimes bill. I’m sure the fact Mitch’s wife is Elaine Chao has nothing to do with it. #Sarcasm

Fox News “Critics accuse Minn. mayor of siding with Daunte Wright, rushing to judge accused police officer.” So congratulations to all those who had “Wednesday” in the pool.

Today’s GOP- Ashli Babbitt, shot climbing on a door while trying to break into House chamber, is a patriot who ‘loved America with all her heart.”

Also Today’s GOP -Rep. Park Cannon, arrested while Brian Kemp was signing anti-voting act “was told to stop beating on the door.”

Bernie Madoff has died in prison. What’s the opposite of “Rest in Peace?”

Liz Cheney said she would not support Trump if he was GOP presidential nominee in 2024. 1. Good for her. 2. So the bar is now low enough we applaud a Republican who is willing to disavow someone who was willing to have their own GOP members of Congress killed to retain power.

Once again for those in the back: If the defense team in Chauvin trial wants to prove someone kneeling on your neck for over 9 minutes won’t hurt a healthy man, I am waiting for one of them to volunteer for the re-enactment.

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