From shot clocks to shooting clocks.

So Indianapolis made it through the NCAA men’s basketball championship without becoming known as a COVID-19 super-spreader event. And now will join the seemingly endless list of cities known for a “mass-shooter” event.

I’m so old that I remember a time you heard a city or town name in the news and you didn’t immediately think “mass shooting.” And I’m so old that when you heard about a mass shooting the collective US response was shock and not almost numbness.

Sports break – Stanford, a #1 seed, just won the women’s NCAA national basketball championship, and their top pick in the WNBA draft, Kiana Williams, went in the 2nd round. If you didn’t already know that Tara VanDerveer’s Cardinal are about teamwork.

Brett Favre doesn’t want politics involved in sports, ‘I want to watch all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside of the game’ Speaking of outside the game, remember Jenn Sterger, reporter who Favre sent unwanted cellphone pics to of what Brett clearly felt were HIS “important parts?”

Vanita Gupta is 46 years old. And Ted Cruz is bloviating about a conference she participated in in COLLEGE? Heck, Josh Hawley is only 41. Back in college some thought he was a reasonable human being.

Give Fox News credit for consistency. Adam Toledo, 13, was a “man,” like everyone Matt Gaetz slept with was a woman.

Mike Pence had surgery today to have a pacemaker fitted after suffering a slow heart rate for two weeks. If the Former Guy knew Pence HAD a heart he probably wouldn’t have picked him as VP.

Still waiting to find out which of his GOP colleagues Matt Gaetz showed those nude pictures to….

Kevin McCarthy says Matt Gaetz is “innocent until proven guilty.” So does this mean Kevin McCarthy’s supporting a special committee to investigate Gaetz like he put together for Benghazi against Hillary Clinton?

If only GOP felt this country should be afraid of random guns on the street as much as they seem to be afraid of a woman’s mean tweets.

If Vanita Gupta were a white man she’d have been confirmed weeks ago.

Ironically while GOP pretends Democrats are breaking Senate rules and upending precedent, if Republicans themselves had followed rules and precedent, Vanita Gupta might have been Biden’s nominee for AG.Because Merrick Garland would be busy on the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz talking today on Senate floor about “my Democratic friends.” Uh, Senator Cruz, respectfully saying, you don’t even have any REPUBLICAN friends.

Lisa Murkowski voting no on Vanita Gupta. Again, I LIKE Lisa Murkowski personally, but not even the ‘best” Republicans are better than the “worst” Democrats. (Sinema and Manchin are yes votes.)

Today Gym Jordan asked Dr. Fauci “When do Americans get their freedom back?” Sadly, over 560,000 Americans will NEVER get their freedom, or anything else back.

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