Most NBA teams seem less than thrilled this year with the concept of the “play in tournament,” which will affect the teams in 7th to 10th place in each conference.

But to be fair, isn’t the regular season basically a “play-in-tournament”

Apparently even at 20 percent capacity SF Giants tickets aren’t getting sold out at Oracle Park.And this is surprising why? I’m a half-vaccinated fan, but what’s been the most fun about Giants games? A party atmosphere on the train, chatting, cheering and yes at times commiserating with other fans in the stands… plus all the fun concessions. Love my team but it’s more enjoyable these days at home.

11 games into MLB season the Yankees are still in last place. Just saying.

I won’t use his name but in 2015 police arrested the man who had massacred nine black people in a Charleston Church, unhurt, in a traffic stop. And the cops even bought him lunch. But I guess he didn’t have expired tags or an air freshener…..

Some of the same people who think that we’ll be safer if untrained civilians walk around with guns, also seem pretty sanguine about the idea that a 26 year veteran of the police department can’t tell her gun from a Taser.

While I never condone violence, the more I hear about Rand Paul, the more I wonder… what took his neighbor so long?

Have friends adopting rescue dog. If we really want effective gun safety laws we just need to put some of these animal rescue folks in charge of gun sales – to get the dog there are required interviews, mandatory accessories, questionnaires, 2 hour orientation, 4 month probation….

Dear Media: Why are you even reporting what the Former Guy says about vaccines? Shouldn’t you be telling him to stay home and knit? Sincerely, American women. #StillWithHer

In podcast w/ Hillary Clinton, Amy Klobuchar says “Mitch McConnell is not in a compromising mood. That’s a Minnesota euphemism.” Thinking now her book Antitrust” is done Sen Klobuchar could write little book on “Minnesota euphemisms.” Would be very useful to avoid getting fired from work, suspended from social media, etc.

John Boehner admitted he voted for Donald Trump. Your reminder, a Republican saying Ted Cruz is a miserable SOB is not like a Catholic going to the confessional and having all sins wiped away.

So who on Derek Chauvin’s defense team wants to demonstrate that having someone kneel on their neck for over nine minutes wouldn’t kill a healthy man?

Most women who’ve ever taken birth control pills remember doctor’s warning- small risk of blood clots. Looked it up “FDA estimates risk of birth control users developing serious blood clot is 3 to 9 women out of 10,000.” J&J vaccine blood clot side effect is 6 out of 7 million.

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2 Comments on “Pre-playoffs.”

  1. Mldenison Says:

    I had the same thought about Derek Chauvin. Let someone kneel on his neck for 9 minutes. If he survives set him, if not life in prison

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