Going going WAY gone?

So now that the All-Star game’s been officially moved to Coors Field in Denver, over-under on the number of pitchers who will opt out for “personal reasons?”

And who knows how the economics will work out. But with launch angle being a new thing since the last time the game was at Coors, perhaps the baseballs can be sponsored by Space Ex?

Nine headlines on Fox News home page about MLB moving the All-Star game. Zero about Matt Gaetz. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Seahawks DE Carlos Dunlap said last month Russell Wilson said he was “here to stay, let’s go Hawks.” Translation, Seattle couldn’t make a trade to one of the teams on Wilson’s list.

Nationals had 11 regular players unavailable due to COVID-19 protocols, somehow put together a lineup, and still won today. So yeah, this one’s just temporary but still the most successful instant major roster change in DC since inaugural day.

One things that’s always amazed me is how many lower-income people are against the estate tax, which only hits multi-millionaires. Maybe they really dream of being that rich someday. Wonder if we offered people a free lottery ticket if they got the vaccine?

So could Mitch McConnell’s statement about corporations staying out of of politics be used by Democrats in their efforts to overturn Citizens United?

Since CDC won’t give a firm date as to when cruising can resume from U.S. ports., Carnival Cruise Line, which hasn’t announced a decision on vaccine passports, is now threatening to move its ships out of U.S. waters. Remembering what happened last March with cruises, and all the passengers who ended up infecting people across the country, a whole lot of folks may be thinking “promise?”

Norwegian Cruise Line & Royal Caribbean Cruise Line headquartered in Florida. When they resume sailing summer 2021 (not from US ports) both will REQUIRE proof of COVID vaccines. NCL won’t even allow unvaccinated children.. So will Florida Gov. De Santis try to ban those cruise lines too?

I am trying to wrap my head around though how the same “defenders of freedom” who think it’s OK for a bakery not to make a cake for a gay couple, lose their collective sh*t over cruise lines saying “no vaccine, no cruise, period

A wonderful unintended consequence, if COVIDiot GOP supporters want to boycott major airlines, the skies should be safer for all the rest of us.

NY Times now reporting Matt Gaetz asked the Former Guy for blanket pre-emptive pardons ‘for himself and unidentified congressional allies.”. Bad enough, now want to know who ELSE asked the White House for pre-emptive pardons.

Officially Wisconsin election Tuesday for State School Superintendent was nonpartisan. But Jill Underly, aDem w/ union support, was up against Deb Kerr, a Republican w/ Betsy Devos & charter school support.

Underly won 57.6% to 42.4% Forget fretting about Manchin, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is up in 2022.

Tammy Duckworth on with Stephen Colbert, reminding us of early pandemic Zoom fails w/ mute button-on conference call with all Democratic Senators, told her daughter to “go potty & make sure you wash your hands.” & Amy Klobuchar broke in – “Tammy Duckworth is giving us very good advice.”

Remember, GOP says they care so much about life they want to ban abortion after fetal heartbeats detected, because it’s not about a woman’s choice.. Also GOP – they care so little about life they want to ban life-saving mask rules, because masks should be an individual choice….

So it’s not that Mitch McConnell wants corporations to stay out of politics. He just wants them to make major contributions but sit quietly with their mouths shut. Just like GOP has treated women and minorities for years.

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