Starting on second…

A win is a win. But I still don’t like the runner on 2nd no one out extra inning rule. #SFGiants

Of course, the silver lining for Giants fans, the “runner on 2nd no one out rule” resulted in the Oakland As beating the Los Angeles Dodgers today.

(and as the mother of a youth and college pitcher, at least the runner on second doesn’t count as an earned run.)

April 8 starts the “Frozen Four” finals for the NCAA championship in men’s ice hockey.

Not that most Americans, including me until last week, could name the teams involved…

Wonder if college hockey championships would get more attention in US if NCAA published brackets, then told us not to bet on them.

(For the record, St. Cloud State, Minnesota State, Minnesota Duluth, and U Mass.)

Look, I’m glad Tiger Woods is going to be okay. But his Feb crash wasn’t his first “adventure” behind the wheel. Tiger not only got lucky he didn’t kill himself he got lucky he didn’t kill someone else with his reckless driving. Maybe time to take away the car keys?

United Airlines sent out an email today from their “Chief Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Officer,’ headlined “DEI is part of our DNA.”

United isn’t about politics, they’re about making $$$. If you needed more proof today’s GOP is on the wrong side of history.

As angry as the Former Guy was that Mike Pence wouldn’t support his Big Lie and agreed to certify the Electoral College results, how much angrier will Donald be when his former VP’s book outsells his?

We know alcohol can be dangerous, so alcohol sales are tightly restricted. In Texas, however, drive-through liquor stores now are increasingly common and popular. And GOP has no problem with the concept. But Texas Republicans want to restrict drive-through voting?

Again. McConnell says not a single Republican will support Biden’s infrastructure bill. Also again, not a Manchin fan, but he’s better than the best GOP Senator. How to deal with Joe? Win more blue seats in 2022!

Mike Pence launching a new advocacy organization called “Advancing American Freedom.” Shouldn’t it be called “Thank You, Mr. President?”

So when this Chauvin trial is over, wonder if Eric Nelson, his lawyer, will stay in criminal defense or take a job with Fox News?

So Marsha Blackburn, 68, is complaining about $400 billion in Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill for Elder Care. Good thing the elderly, and boomers approaching being elderly, aren’t a serious voting block.

Gonna be interesting. NCL petitioning CDC to allow cruising from US ports, but ” company will require full vaccination for all passengers & crew as a condition of being allowed to restart operations Jul 4.” So how’s FL Gov DeSantis going to deal with what is basically a “vaccine passport” rule?

And if it’s $100,000 a year PER nanny for a team of three, how much is set aside for the children” future psych bills?

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