Outta here?

At least at as of one point Monday night the #SFGiants led the majors with nine home runs. In case your batsh*t bingo game has a baseball edition.

Now both Michael Conforto & J.D. Davis of the Mets have said that COVID-19 vaccine is a “a personal choice,” indicating not all the team will get vaccinated. So time to open the pool on the next games Mets will have canceled for COVID cases?

Anyone who wanted to see an exciting college basketball championship should have watched the Women’s game last night.

Reminded again tonight that blowouts in sports are only really fun to watch if you care who wins and it’s YOUR team doing the blowout.

Stephen Miller tweeted out a LONG eight-tweet rant attacking MLB for moving the All-Star Game. Now he does say “I strongly oppose the DH.” So let the record reflect the above is the only sentence where I will ever agree with Stephen Miller. EVER.

Wonder how many of these people complaining about the need for a “vaccine passport,” have ever gone through the procedure to get an ACTUAL passport?

Truly is amazing how same people who can believe in something with as many complicated theories as QAnon cannot believe in something as simple as a vaccine.

So now that United Airlines has joined other major carriers in coming out against voter suppression what’s next? Maybe this was all a plot for the Former Guy to try to resurrect bankrupt Trump Airlines?

Not ever going to vote for him, but Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed a bill banning medical treatments for transgender youths.

Hutchinson said bill is “product of the cultural war in America” adding it would be a “vast government overreach.” Has an Arkansas Governor been the voice of reason since Bill Clinton?

Dr. Fauci today said Biden won’t mandate vaccine passports but “could foresee how independent entity might say: “We can’t be dealing w/ you unless we know you’re vaccinated.” So if cruises & other businesses require shots, can’t wait for GOP to support their free market choice.

GOP isn’t talking about actual cases of voter fraud, or boys pretending to be girls, or terrorists coming across Southern border. But clearly GOP thinks it’s easier to come up w/ these mythical threats than actually to have policies that help average Americans.

I’m proudly liberal, but open note to other liberals who judge politicians by the standards of their own blue states: If AOC or her clone ran for Senate in West Virginia, they’d lose by at least 30 points.

Once again, not a Joe Manchin fan, but he’s a Democrat in a red state, and liberal by West Virginia standards. He might even be too liberal to be re-elected. But if we want to make him less important – Democrats simply need to win more Senate seats in 2022.

Upset about Joe Manchin? Start looking at swing state Senate elections for 2022. ICYMI, Manchin would be irrelevant if not for these numbers. 4,099,505 to 4,089,472 Florida Senate vote totals in 2018 – Rick Scott over Bill Nelson. Yes, 10,533 votes. Don’t complain, GOTV.

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