Yesterday once more.

The Stanford women’s basketball team is national champions., again, after winning in 1990, and 1992.

29 years between National Championships for Stanford women’s coach Tara VanDerveer. How long ago was 1992? Although he had withdrawn from the race in 1988, Joe Biden was still considered a young potential President.

If anyone watched Stanford this year, their women’s basketball team generally played pretty games. This was not one of those games. But hey, that National Championship trophy is pretty.

You know it’s been a while since Stanford won women’s basketball national championship when they get called for a late & critical 10 second half court violation…. which I thought didn’t exist in women’s basketball. (and sure enough, it didn’t until 2013-14, almost 20 years after their last win.)

How cool is this, there was actually a pre-game show for the NCAA’s Women’s Basketball final. Okay, so it’s a not a Miley Cyrus concert. But baby steps.

In Orange County, head of Florida Dept of Health says “1/3 of county’s COVID-19 hospitalizations were people younger than 45.” Also remember, most under-45s in Florida who listen to DeSantis think COVID is harmless, so if they don’t end up in hospital, they won’t get tested

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has banned vaccine passports because they “reduce individual freedom.” So what’s next in Florida, banning driver’s licenses and kids being vaccinated to attend school?

Apparently some in GOP were scandalized to discover with a picture of Jill Biden in a short skit, ankle boots and fishnet hose, that FLOTUS has great legs. This would have never happened with Former Guy’s wife. Since she had already left nothing to the imagination.

Thinking on Easter that for all GOP wants to wrap themselves in religion they’d have turned Mary and Joseph down to vote if Joseph had forgotten his ID as well as forgetting to make hotel reservations.

Someone sent me an online trivia question “What state is home to the Peeps factory?”

You mean “Peeps” are made in a factory? I thought they were hatched. This is so disappointing.#HappyEaster

Only mention of Matt Gaetz on Fox News website Sunday was under the “Entertainment” headline on SNL from last Saturday night. Well, that’s been rectified. Now the Entertainment headline is “Lori Loughlin reacts to her husband’s release from prison.” Meanwhile about five stories on Hunter Biden.

Visitors to the Former Guy’s website can also request a personalized greeting from him, presumably for the right price. Can we call it Scam-eo?

How much would GOP heads explode if some Democrat suggested making vaccine passports a valid Voter ID?

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