Sleepless in DC – the sequel

It’s Friday night while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that is still costing over 10,000 American lives every week.

Still looking for a good reason why NBA is having a meaningless All-Star game this weekend.

Other than the obviou$$$$.

Animal rights activists shut down Berkeley, California, Golden Gate Fields vaccine site Thursday resulting in the cancellation of 200 appointments

Protesting horse deaths by potentially causing human deaths…. Sigh. Proving that no party or political affiliation has a monopoly on stupid.

Been a long time, but I do remember middle of the night feedings. And figure anyone up with a crying baby at 3a can appreciate this Voterama. Although babies at least are up in the middle of the night for a good reason. Unlike GOP senators.

The Former Guy got a fence up around the White House during a peaceful BLM protest last June faster than he got the National Guard to the Capitol on January 6.

Fox News CEO Lachian Murdoch at a Morgan Stanley conference says the network will now serve as the “loyal opposition” to Joe Biden. Because they can’t be State TV anymore?

Noting the trending hashtag #RonJohnsonResign on Twitter. Uh, folks, he’s NEVER going to resign. Wisconsin voters can, however, vote him out in about 20 months. But who’s counting?

Thursday’s GOP outrage is Joe Biden calling his old friend Nancy Pelosi, Nance?!! He should have been Presidential and called the Speaker by her by the Former Guy’s name “Crazy Nancy?”

I’m hyper-sensitive to misogyny, but Krysten Sinema isn’t being attacked for flashy thumbs down gesture on minimum wage because she’s female. She’s being attacked because there was no cause for it. John McCain saved healthcare for millions of Americans. THAT was cause for a flashy gesture.

The QAnon Shaman, the guy who refused non organic food in jail, is going to be on CBS News’ 60 Minutes this weekend. What’s next, an endorsement contract with Whole Foods?

Tired of Manchin having so much power? Primarying him w/ more liberal Democrat will give Joe’s seat to the GOP. But if we elect more Democrats in places like Wisconsin or N. Carolina, Florida, or even Louisiana (paging @LouisianaGov?) then no one vote will matter so much.

Some GOP senators apparently nodding off during this latest edition of late night Voterama. Must be difficult. Don’t vampires usually sleep upside down hanging from the ceiling?

Seriously, can we make a rule if a Senator requests any bill be read out loud as a delay tactic, that Senator must do the reading of the bill him or herself? Or at the least be required to remain in the chamber listening without a cellphone?

Colin Kahl, Joe Biden’s nominee to become a top Pentagon policy official today apologized to Republican senators for using “sometimes disrespectful” language in tweets. Since Kahl’s a white guy he’ll probably survive and be confirmed.

GOP now wants to pretend they love Dr. Seuss. But as proud Democrat, this line was so true in 2020 w/ the election. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” We cared. It got better. We need to keep caring, a whole awful lot.

Finally, I LOVE this sign .

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2 Comments on “Sleepless in DC – the sequel”

  1. Keith C Says:

    Thanks for sharing that sign. It’s perfect!

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