Go Fourth?

Better COVID-19 numbers in California might mean MLB teams could have limited attendance. Los Angeles, for example, could sell 11,200 seats to Dodger Stadium at 20% capacity.

So all Dodger game crowds will look like game crowds in the first or last three innings.

Q-Anon grasping at straws and now claiming Trump will be re-inaugurated on March 4, which was inaugural day until 1933.

Please, no one tell them that this weekend is known as “March Madness Selection Sunday.”

Does anyone think Republicans ever read Dr. Seuss to their children? Some days I wonder if Republicans ever read, period.

On with Rachel Maddow, Amy Klobuchar tells how Maj. Gen Walker said he wanted to get National Guard on Jan 6 there as quickly as possible,” but Pentagon claimed they didn’t want to send them and rile up protesters.

Uh, because until then the insurrectionists were breaking into Capitol for a “festive picnic”?

Rachel Maddow was also talking about how Elaine Chao was trying to bring family members running the family business with her on her official government business. Very “Former Presidential” of her.

Meanwhile, Senator Klobuchar today also talked with CNN’s Dana Bash about weapons the insurrectionists had on January 6 , and went down the list of weapons – baseball bats, flag poles, bear spray, chemical irritants, stun guns…. Sounds “jovial, friendly and festive” to me. #Sarcasm

CNN’s Brianna Keilar on the Republicans losing elections and trying to change the rules of the game. “I’m very familiar with this, because I have a four-year old. But that’s not how Candyland works, it’s not how Chutes and Ladders works, it’s not how democracy works.”

Pretty sure new DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg won’t be using his position to benefit his family shipping business. First, Pete seems pretty honorable. Second, his family doesn’t HAVE a shipping business.

Not one Democrat on Judiciary Committee took part in committee vote for Amy Coney Barrett, And after Graham sent nomination to full Senate, McConnell rammed lifetime #SCOTUS appointment through. So why can’t Schumer just ignore Tom Cotton & call for vote on Merrick Garland?

Wait – heard Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Moscow.) was going to demand all 600 pages of COVID relief bill be read out loud to delay. But he’s going to make Senate CLERK do it? The a**hole can’t even be bothered to have Senate members of his own party do the 10 hours of dirty work.

President Joe Biden calls out COVIDiot GOP Governors “the last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking that everything’s fine, take off your masks…”

Although this might not be fair. Recent studies indicate Neanderthals were caring and compassionate.

So Republicans are trying to stop most no-excuse absentee voting – the weekend after 13 GOP House members voted by proxy on COVID-19 relief bill using the critical excuse that they were at the CPAC hate conference?

Target, Macy’s and other businesses are pushing back against Texas’s removal of a mask mandate, saying they will require them for all customers. Well, if COVIDiots boycott these businesses, it will at least make them safer and more pleasant environments for everyone else.

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