Not in Tournament.

Random sports thought: So are we going to get to see Stanford play Duke in the this year’s NIT?

Okay, I still think they shouldn’t play NBA All-Star game, but this is the only good story I’ve heard about it. Joel Embiid is donating in the $100,000 he makes in ASG money to homeless shelters

If you’re a Republican who’s mad that Democrats just passed the American Rescue Plan you COULD send your stimulus check back. Just saying.

Stayed up late, got up early, in time to see the vote, and to see Chuck Schumer, after GOP scurried back to their lairs, invoke cloture on Merrick Garland’s Attorney General nomination while Republicans had left in exhaustion after their #votearama stunt?

Same sort of thing happened with Ron Johnson when he skipped out early and Dems shut off debate.

The anti-education party is slow learners.

All the GOP Senators saying we couldn’t afford the COVID-19 bill giving $1.9 trillion to various needy Americans…. Anyone got video of a single one of them claiming we couldn’t afford an over $2 trillion tax cut for millionaires and billionaires?

Not sure about watching Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Sunday. But I love the idea of the interview getting better ratings than any interview done by the #FormerGuy

Since Republicans all went home after the COVID-19 and let Schumer invoke cloture on Merrick Garland, now being greedy and thinking – gosh, what if Dems had waited until GOP left the chamber and quietly passed the John Lewis Voting rights act?

What I really love about Schumer invoking cloture on Garland’s nomination: Dems had JUST done this to Sen. Johnson to stop his delays when Ron wasn’t there at 2am. You’d think one of these GOP a**holes would have stayed after vote just to guard against being played again.

Was thinking about 3a last night this was a heckuva remake of “They Shoot Horses, Don’t they?”

And wrote this in the wee hour “Now official sunrise time, 633a in DC. Even on the West Coast, it’s time to pass out for a few hours. In 2022, Americans should remember. Democrats stayed up all night to get you COVID-19 relief. Republicans stayed up all night trying to block it. Vote accordingly.’

Garth Brooks sang Amazing Grace at the inaugural. Last night he should have sung this for Democrats. “Ain’t going down ’til the sun comes up Ain’t givin’ in ’til they get enough.” Hope all Democratic Senators are sleeping soundly tonight.

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