On thin ice.

This sign will probably never be seen after this weekend at an NHL game.

NHL Outdoor game between Golden Knights and Avalanche stopped after first period, and rescheduled to restart at midnight ET, 9p PT now, after sunshine caused deteriorating ice conditions earlier.

So add to 2021 insanity… a major professional sporting event postponed because the weather was too good?

Figure tonight a whole lot of people, especially women, watched SNL without knowing who Regé-Jean Page was. Wonder what Bridgerton streaming ratings will be tomorrow

I’m not sure songs that will be written about Ted Cruz… But plenty to repurpose.

“If ever I would leave you…

Could I leave you Flying merrily from the snow?

On a wintry evening When you have to boil that snow?

Louis DeJoy did for the Post Office what Reagan did for Air Traffic Control. Took YEARS for the system to recover.

So in shooting outside New Orleans, a gun shop customer during an argument apparently fatally shot 2 other customers-he was in turn killed by others who opened fire.

Sheriff’s office said “cops still investigating’ & “trying to put it all together.” This good guy/bad guy w/ a gun is SO confusing.

All these people saying the picture of that United engine on fire makes them scared to fly. Me, I’m thinking, well now we KNOW a plane can fly on one engine.

But if you return parts from a United engine to the airline do you get a future travel discount?

Reminder that Beto O’Rourke was actually a moderate while in Congress who would have been to the right of AOC on many issues. Doesn’t matter, they’re working together in a great way in Texas. That’s what a beautiful big BLUE tent is about.

Joe Biden says he will only travel to Texas when he is sure his presence as President will not be a burden.A POTUS who cares about people more than photo-ops. It’s so nice having that back.

And where is Texas’s other Senator John Cornyn anyway?

Wonder how many reporters might be hanging around DC airports tonight, especially at International Arrivals in Dulles, hoping to get glimpses of other Senators.

Meanwhile Florida Governor Ron De Santis been shameless sycophant for the Former Guy, ignored science, hid COVID numbers & caused deaths of countless Floridians. Now he’s playing political games w/ vaccine distribution.

But lowering flags to half-staff for Limbaugh gets #RemoveRon trending.

Very confusing, President Biden has signed disaster declarations for Texas and is offering to do all he can to help. And he hasn’t insulted the state yet, or told them to rake anything. Waiting for GOP to say he’s not being Presidential.

So what gives? Joe Biden has been President for an entire month now. We still don’t have a taco truck on every corner, and Cory Booker hasn’t shown up in my neighborhood.

Another reason Joe Biden needs to get that First Feline asap. Media is so bored and looking for any scandal, figure the cat clawing the drapes or bringing a mouse into the Oval Office should keep them busy for days.

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