Something to talk about.

Tom Brady actually tweeted on Sunday “So what am I supposed to do for the next five months.”

My response “Uh, you won last Super Bowl with a predominately Black team. Never been a fan and particularly now as Saints fan, but will take back at least some of bad things I’ve said about you if you get involved in voter registration drives & work against voter suppression in Florida! “

So Minnesota Timberwolves fired coach Ryan Saunders after 7-24 start. But T-Wolves have traded 2021 pick to Warriors unless it’s a top 3 pick. (then Golden State gets top 2022 pick.)

The way things are going & with strength of this year’s draft class, did Minnesota fire Saunders for overachieving?

Guess we’re learning about American Idol current viewing demographic when they’re running commercials for Botox??!!!

As much as we might be angry at Astros for cheating, hard not to root for Dusty Baker. He admits uncertainty about COVID-19 vaccine. And still took it, in part to set a good example for those “on the fence.”

Need convincing on the COVID-19 vaccine being a good thing? If it weren’t, so many rich people wouldn’t be trying to jump the line.

Costco is going to start giving COVID-19 vaccines in the San Francisco Bay Area. Will this mean when you come in you’ll end up leaving with enough doses for your whole neighborhood?

You know we’ve been in this pandemic for a while when I actually got an email ad for items for “Pet Movie Nights,” – cushions and little beds – “Must-haves for cuddles on the couch with your pet.”

As someone who hadn’t been watching American Idol for a couple years, I randomly tuned in tonight in time to see a 15 year old girl named Casey Bishop. Consider googling her for a treat. She could win.)

Greg Abbott was actually fundraising with the slogan – “Don’t California my Texas!” Uh, as a California resident for now about 40 years, does Abbott think it’s elitist that we believe everyone should have water and be able to keep their heat on?

I have a solution for dealing with Chuck Todd. I don’t watch him.

Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that a big obstacle to Neera Tanden’s potential confirmation as OMB director is that she sent mean tweets? Heck, forget just confirmation votes, that should be enough for GOP to refer to her as Presidential.

The #FormerGuy wrote love letters to Kim Jong Un. President Biden writes love notes to his wife.

As a moderate liberal who’s admittedly not in favor of ALL student loan forgiveness nonetheless can’t wait to hear Texas members of Congress pontificate about bailing people out for reckless and foolish choices

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