Falling fast.

New Orleans Pelicans were up 11 going into 4th quarter over Phoenix Suns – 102 to 91, and still lost. Disappointing but it happens.

What doesn’t tend to happen – the Pelicans ended up losing by 18. 132-14. Even the Atlanta Falcons were impressed.

Senate comes back from recess next week. Wonder how many senators, especially GOP senators, might be trying to sneak back into the country from tropical destinations.

I watch videos of Joe Biden simply wearing a mask regularly and wonder how many lives would have been saved if the Former Guy just did the same thing?

Joe Biden says he will only travel to Texas when he is sure his presence as President will not be a burden. A POTUS who cares about people more than photo-ops. It’s so nice having that back.

Three Fox News headlines in order on website:

Gun registry bill would threaten safety, 2A rights, critics say

Colorado GOP Rep. Boebert responds after California Democrats mock her gun display

NC mom of 5 accidentally shot after kids find gun in purse: cops


Add to the list of things I was convinced were satire…. someone at Newsmax apparently really was going after Joe Biden’s 12 year old dog Champ. Is this some sort of payback for mainstream media going after the #FormerGuy’s 65 year old lapdog Lindsey?

People attack Joe Biden over Hunter, Joe Biden responds by saying how much he loves his son.

People attack Ted Cruz over his Cancun trip, Ted Cruz responds by blaming his daughters.

So while there’s apparently this talk of the Bible and cancel culture, wasn’t that that flood in Genesis God doing his own canceling?

Flags at half staff for Rush Limbaugh? Fine with me, if they’re Confederate flags.

“I’m in the middle of a serious crisis at work & know it’s a really bad idea to go on vacation but my kids want to go so please help me book something leaving tomorrow.” is a line no travel agent has heard ever.

Could be worse: While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he’ll lower the state’s flags to half-staff for Rush Limbaugh, you know Velveeta Voldemort would have tried to arrange a state funeral for Rush.

The only flags that should be lowered to half staff for Rush Limbaugh are confederate flags.

So who’s gonna play Ted Cruz on SNL this week?

Anyone else find Lindsey Graham’s pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago almost as offensive as Ted Cruz’s attempted vacation trip to Cancun?

Lindsey Graham is packing his emotional baggage and heading to Palm Beach this weekend. As a bachelor, poor Lindsey can’t even blame his decision on heading down to Mar-A-Lago on his children.

Oath Keepers being indicted for insurrection conspiracy doesn’t mean the #FormerGuy didn’t incite them. He had a lot of plans to overthrow the election. But January 6 was his MAGAnot line.

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