The sounds of silence.

President Biden wishes us a “Happy President’s Day” by not tweeting. All day. How sweet it is.

Duke star freshman Jalen Johnson has opted out of the rest of the season and will ready for the 2021 NBA draft, the school announced Monday night. Well, with so much of normal student life gone during the pandemic at least Johnson doesn’t have to pretend he’ll really miss the college experience.

USVI Congressional delegate Stacey Plaskett has five children. Same number as Nancy Pelosi.

Actually, if Lara Trump can move to North Carolina just to run for Senate, can we persuade Stacey Plaskett to do the same thing?

Remember when Donald lied and said “thousands and thousands of people were cheering” as the World Trade Center collapsed?” How many of his followers were cheering as our democracy almost collapsed on Jan 6? And how many are still supporting THOSE terrorists?

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson about January 6 -” it didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me”

Once again the eternal question about some today’s GOP. Stupid or evil?

If we hadn’t gone through with the second impeachment, would most Americans ever have known just how close the rioters incited by our former President came to injuring or killing members of Congress?

Senator Chuck Grassley, 87, actually tweeted this out verbatim on Feb 15 “Chk it out a friend just told me real history on part time History Channel. I’m in car Something abt Washington.”
And the media focuses on Dianne Feinstein as the Senator who should retire?”

Just as the impeachment trial video gave us a new glimpse into how deliberate and awful Jan 6 insurrectionists were in the Capitol, at what point will we find out how deliberate and awful Donald’s response was with COVID vaccines after he knew he had lost?

For President’s day, Stephen Colbert replayed his show from the night of January 6: Scary detail from Amy Klobuchar’s real-time interview while she was waiting to go back to finalize the Electoral College results. After Capitol was breached, Amy talked about senators were originally told to stay in place in Senate Chamber for safety and were just milling around for a while. We now know how close that decision came to disaster. Thank you again, Officer Goodman.

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