Training for spring training?

Pitchers and catchers reporting is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

I miss fun.

FOUR San Antonio Spurs tested positive for COVID-19? I suppose it’s sadly fitting for the team always known for their passing game.

Damn good thing that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, 72, oldest coach in the NBA, had his COVID-19 vaccine last month.

Joe Biden doesn’t act like he thinks greatness resides in a President.

Joe Biden acts like he KNOWS greatness resides in the American people.

I write this seemingly once a month. But damn I miss Molly Ivins. I imagine her tonight, drinking whiskey, and pounding out a furious column by candlelight about the arrogant stupid lack of regulations that have left millions of Texans literally out in the cold tonight.

As lack of energy regulations actually is killing Texans, this Molly Ivins quote from 1995- It’s all very well to run around saying regulation is bad, get the government off our backs, etc. Of course our lives are regulated. When you come to a stop sign, you stop; if you want to go fishing, you get a license; if you want to shoot ducks, you can shoot only three ducks. The alternative is dead bodies at the intersection, no fish, and no ducks. OK?

So how long until conservative media attacks Joe Biden for not going down to Texas and throwing paper towels?

As a Californian for the past few decades, wonder what were they supposed to have raked in Texas? This is so confusing.

Joe Biden answers woman whose teenage son has serious health issues but hasn’t been able to get on vaccine list; asks if she can stick around & they can talk a bit afterwards. What an incredible antidote Joe is from “complete lack of empathy” we had for 4 years in White House.

Lindsey Graham says GOP without Donald doesn’t have ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’ of winning” Well and they did so well WITH him in Georgia.

Pennsylvania GOP censured Pat Toomey for voting “guilty” on impeachment. One Republican Party official ‘We did not send him there to vote his conscience…We sent him there to represent us.” Un, Pennsylvania went blue for Biden. So Toomey WAS representing the state.

As Donald and Mitch spar via insulting statements… was just thinking about Lisa Murkowski, who already won re-election once in 2020 as a write-in after losing the primary to a Tea-Party guy. How much must she be giggling?

Some things are scarier the second time. A small detail from Amy Klobuchar’s real-time interview on evening of Jan 6 w/ Stephen Colbert, which was replayed last night.

After Capitol was breached, Senators originally told to stay in place in Senate Chamber for safety. They milled around for some time, until they were told to evacuate to an alternate location.. We now know how close that decision came to disaster.

Thank you again, Officer Goodman.

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