Round and round

No serious injuries this year, fortunately, but did the Daytona 500 today refer to minutes, or crashes?

Although, midrace there was a nearly six hour rain and lightning delay “and fans who had been socially distanced in the grandstands instead had to seek shelter in the crowded concourse.” And this is Florida with no mask mandates. So it will be weeks until we know the real toll from this year’s race.

20 yrs ago Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona of a basilar skull fracture. He wasn’t wearing HANS device he derided as uncomfortable. After his death NASCAR mandated devices; now all drivers use them. So why after almost 500,000 Americans have died will many still not wear a mask?

San Antonio Spurs were down 17 to 33 to Charlotte Hornets after one quarter, but outscored the Hornets 47 to 26 in the second quarter. How much do I want to hear what Pop said to the team at the quarter break, (and can we somehow bottle it?)

So Fox News Sunday had both Lindsey Graham & Amy Klobuchar on today: Graham said Donald is “excited about 2022” and looking to help rebuild the Republican Party. Klobuchar said “He is done.” Guess which got top billing on Fox News website?

Lindsey Graham today said today “My friend Richard Burr just made Lara Trump almost the certain nominee for the senate seat in North Carolina to replace him if she runs.” If so this is great news. For North Carolina Democrats.

If we’re going to go with celebrities with North Carolina ties, I say let’s draft Michael Jordan.

Watching “Trial of the Chicago 7.” Was 10 when it happened, but realized conservatives haven’t updated their “radical left” insult in over 50 years.

Didn’t watch. But did ANYONE think American Idol was going to send Claudia Conway home the first day?


So with impeachment trial over, the Senate on vacation, and a President who sends tweets staying how much he loves his wife, what’s the media going to do for 24-7 breaking news all week?

Let’s be clear. If Donald had stood up and said “You’re Goddamned Right I Ordered the Code Red on the Capitol and Mike Pence,.” most GOP Senators would have said “We really don’t think he actually incited the attack.

Senate rules call for 67. But when someone wins an election 57% to 43% we call it a landslide.

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2 Comments on “Round and round”

  1. Liz Harrington Says:

    Wow!! Just wow!
    Love your insight

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